Usage & Durability

Usage & Durability

How long will a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat last?

A Vitrazza® Glass Chair Mat can last up to 7x longer than traditional plastic mats and come with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

How many pounds will a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat support?

A Vitrazza® Glass Chair Mat is designed to hold over 1,000lbs.

Will a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat move or ‘creep’ on carpet?

It shouldn’t! We include our pioneering Stabil-a-Dot™ Bumper System in your Care Envelope. You get three sets of clear rubber bumpers to apply to the bottom of the mat, and they help keep mat in place. You also get a diagram with a recommendation for how to place the bumpers.

Can I use the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat on high-pile carpet?

Yes! The Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is an especially good chair mat for carpet in homes or offices with high-pile carpet since it is a firm, durable surface that won’t develop dents or ruts like a plastic mat. We also supply a Stabil-a-dot Bumper System designed specifically for use with high-pile carpet. 

Can I use a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat on hardwood, tile, or marble?

Yes! If you have beautiful hard floors in your office, you shouldn’t cover them up with cheap, dingy plastic mats. A Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is clear, so it never distracts from hardwood, tile, or marble floor designs. And, to keep the mat properly in place, we include the Stabil-a-dot Bumper System in your Care Envelope. Stabil-a-Dots are clear rubber bumpers which adhere to the glass and provide traction against your floor.

Is a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat ergonomic?

Yes, absolutely! We asked an independent ergonomist to study the impact a Glass Chair Mat might have on human behavior and posture. The pilot study was the first time anyone had scientifically studied the effect different flooring types have on "bad" awkward postures and "good" mini-movement breaks. The study revealed that a Glass Chair Mat used on top of a rug reduced bad postures by 93%, and promotes circulation by increasing mini-movement breaks 61%. Check out more details of the study to see how Glass Chair Mats stack up against plastic mats and office carpet tiles. (hint: it's still better!)

Will a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat be slippery if you have water on your shoes?

Water from shoes doesn’t pose a problem at all. We apply Invisible Shield® Pro15 Nano-Tech Coating to help resist fine scratches and to mitigate slip. Water is attracted to glass and this attraction normally causes water to stick to glass and spread out. This would naturally create more slip as the spread water comes between shoes and the glass. Our Nano-Tech Coating prevents this interaction and eliminates “spread”, allowing the water to bead instead.

Will the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat build up a static charge?

No! Unlike other mats, a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is static-free.