Introducing Luminoso Ultra Clear Glass!

Vitrazza continues to pioneer new ground in the niche Glass Chair Mat marketplace. Now, when our customers consider a Glass Chair Mat by Vitrazza, they'll have the choice of either Standard Clear glass (called Chiaro) or a low-iron Ultra Clear glass we call Luminoso

If you're looking for the high clarity and top shelf style in your office chair mat, consider the Luminoso option. With the majority of the iron content in this special glass removed, you'll see less of the slight green tint common in standard clear glass, and a much brighter edge. See a comparison of the two below.


Here's our recommendation for when the Luminoso option makes the most sense:

  • When the office design is intended to instill a feeling of luxury, style or affluence.
  • When the glass chair mat will be used on dark flooring.

Each of the stock sizes listed in our online shop show the available Luminoso option. If you'd like to get a quote on a custom size, contact us HERE.