Glass Chair Mats - Custom Sizes

If you've been on our website for even a little bit, you know that Vitrazza stocks 12 popular sizes of Glass Chair Mats. These account for about 75% of our sales. But you might be asking yourself; what if I need a custom size? Well we can help you with that too.

At Vitrazza we love working on custom designs; a Vitrazza Specialist can guide you to develop the size/shape that fits best in your workspace. And then we'll provide you with our engineering drawing so you can really see what it looks like! 

All Vitrazza custom units are made from our trademarked Tufver Glass, which is toughened (heat-treated) for strength and sealed to resist scratches. We also include furniture-quality polished edges and our written 10-Year Warranty. And we're committed to providing the best customer service you'll ever experience!

So if you're looking for a custom Glass Chair Mat, call us today at 303.993.6959.