5 Disadvantages to Going Without a Desk Chair Mat

Desk chair mats are important additions to any office. While some of their appeal is aesthetic, there are certain practical benefits, as well. In fact, going without a desk chair mat can do more damage than you might think. How? By doing the following:

Tarnishing the floor

One of the biggest benefits of desk chair mats is that they protect the floor below. Not only do they protect it from the direct contact with your office chair, but they protect it from unforeseen occurrences, as well. The thermos of coffee that fell from your desk? Your mat is the reason your carpet isn’t stained forever.

Hurting your body

You don’t need to perform manual labor to find your job strenuous – sitting for eight hours a day is hard on your body. From the back to the shoulders, from the neck to the toes, no muscles are left unaffected by the repetitive nature of office work. A desk chair mat won’t eliminate discomfort completely (having the right chair is very important, too), but mats allow you to move around with ease. The chair rolls across the mat with little effort on your part, making it easier on your musculoskeletal system.

Keeping you from multitasking

Not having a desk chair mat won’t keep you from multitasking entirely, but it will keep you from doing it quickly. As mentioned above, desk chair mats allow you to roll to whatever part of your desk you need to go. And this allows you to multitask faster.

Ruining the ambience

Desk chair mats, particularly glass chair mats, add a visual appeal to your office. This is important to most people – an office that looks good is conducive to productivity. It’s pretty straight-forward: an ambience that is clean, tidy, and organized will usually be more conducive to work than disorderly environments. Efficiency perpetuates efficiency (and vice versa).

Eliminating safety

Do you remember that time your office chair got caught in the carpet? Do you remember how you pushed with your legs until the chair fell over? That wouldn’t have happened with a desk chair mat. Since mats keep wheels from getting stuck in the ruts of the floor, they provide extra safety.  

Desk chair mats are necessities for all of these reasons. Not only do they protect your floor and your body, but they help you stay as productive as possible, too.

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