5 Funny Web Searches for Glass Chair Mats

Glass Chair MatsTo say that the Internet has transformed our lives is a vast understatement – we now literally have a world of knowledge at our fingertips. And this means we can find just about anything we want in a matter of seconds.

However, Google and other search engines only work when we know the terms to search for. When we don’t know what something’s called, googling isn’t all that effective. So, we’re forced to get creative.

Glass chair mats occasionally go by other names – carpet thingamajig and floor doodad (to name a few). In other words, they’re products that require search ingenuity. Some of the more unique ways to search for these products include:

Desk bling

Glass chair mats go with any type of desk, making them, indeed, desk bling. A quick search of this may return these mats eventually, but you’ll probably have to surf through a lot of other items first – picture frames, nameplates, and diamond-crested staplers.

Glass chair thingy

When in doubt, the word “thingy” is always a viable option; in fact, it’s a solid option. Google appears to understand that “thingy” translates into “I know what I’m talking about but I don’t know what it’s called.” Fun fact, when you search on this term, Vitrazza is ranked second in the results.

Carpet coverer

Glass chair mats do cover carpets, so this search makes perfect sense. If you use it, however, you won’t only find chair mats, but also rugs, runners, trade show flooring, and carpet installer apprenticeships offered by a couple of different organizations. Yes, that’s a thing.


If you want to go directly to the source, go to Vitrazza. But finding our company isn’t always easy – the name takes some getting used to. A few things you might end up googling, instead: Victorazza, Victoria, Victraffic, Ventricle, and Viva Las Vegas.

Office chair launching pad

Most people buy glass chair mats for the visual appeal, protection, and durability they offer. But some also like the way glass allows an office chair to glide so smoothly. Certain people like this so much that they’ve thought about using the mat as a launching pad. Office chairs might really fly if you try hard enough. A word of caution, however – wait until your boss is out of town before conducting this experiment.

Search results are an adventure when you know what you want but not exactly what it’s called. Sometimes you’ll find the correct product and sometimes you’ll find other products you didn’t know you needed. Have your credit card ready, just in case. ;)

Vitrazza is the leader in Glass Office Chair Mats. Our products provide style, durability, and ergonomic comfort. Vitrazza stocks 12 popular Glass Office Chair Mat sizes and we create custom designs based on your ideas. To learn more, no search engine is required! Please visit us at vitrazza.com.

Image courtesy of Pixabay under Creative Commons 0 license