5 Luxury Office Chairs To Consider

Luxury Chairs

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 licenseYour office should be furnished to create the ideal work environment. When you’re comfortable and at ease, you’ll feel more productive and efficient. A high-quality office chair ties the look of a room together and provides the right amount of support. If you’re in the market for a new luxury chair, peruse the options below. 

Adele Executive Recliner 

Putting in long hours at the office can take a toll on your body when you don’t have the perfect chair. If you’re looking for an upscale office chair that provides unbeatable comfort, you may enjoy the plush leather Adele Executive Recliner by Lafer. It comes equipped with buttery leather upholstery, a 360-degree swivel base, and retractable footrest for the ultimate luxury experience. For those who prefer to feel at home in the office, this chair is a great option to consider. 

Gaga Executive Recliner 

If you like the look of a traditional office chair but would prefer a high-performance option, you may enjoy the Gaga Executive Recliner by Lafer. Its smooth leather upholstery is ideal for any style of office, and it is available in black or gray. With this new twist on a classic leather chair, you’ll have the ability to fully recline to a 170-degree angle or adjust the headrest to suit your tastes.

Herman Miller Executive Classic Aeron Task Chair

If you struggle to stay cool in the office, take a look at the Herman Miller Executive Classic Aeron Task Chair. Formulated with a breathable mesh-like material, this sleek office chair is low profile and light. In addition to its patented tilting mechanism, it features a sloped front edge to encourage better circulation throughout the workday. 

Humanscale Freedom Chair 

Humanscale creates sustainable ergonomic work solutions. While the Humanscale Freedom Chair is one of the least expensive options on this list, that doesn’t mean that you’re compromising on comfort. This strategically designed office chair boasts impressive features to keep you pain-free throughout the workday, including premium cushioning and automatic adjustment ability. The moment you sit in your Humanscale chair, it’ll begin to adapt to your body to provide support that’s tailored to your liking. 

Steelcase Gesture Chair 

Getting comfortable is much easier when you have a chair that’s built to conform to your preferences. The Gesture model by Steelcase offers several convenient features, including flexible ball-and-socket armrests. Since this high-end office chair is so adjustable, most individuals won’t have problems finding the perfect setting. In addition to the chair’s high-tech components, it’s available in a wide array of colors. 

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