5 Things Every Boss Needs on Their Desk

5 Things Every Boss Needs on Their Desk

A desk isn’t as comfy as a sofa or as inviting as a bed, but it’s a home away from home for the dedicated worker. Some people prefer to keep it as bare as possible, believing they can get more done if they have less clutter; others prefer to make the desk their own, adding individual touches and, yes, some business bling.

No matter your preference, there are some things every desk should have. These include:

A laptop

In this day and age, most jobs require a computer. But PCs are no longer ideal. As telecommuting from coffee shops and working from home become more prevalent, most people ditch their CPUs for something more portable. A laptop isn’t always as efficient as a desktop – it might not have as much memory – but it’s a whole lot easier to carry on the subway.

A landline phone

Sure, landline phones are so last century, but they still have a place in an office environment. For one thing, they don’t cut out the way cellphones do, allowing you to discuss important matters without scrambling for better reception. Landlines aren’t mobile, either. This means your clients won’t expect you to answer their calls when you’re in the middle of dinner or sound asleep.

A charging station

Even with a landline, odds are you have a cellphone for work emergencies or priorities and personal use. Your cellphone isn’t limited to calls, of course – if you have a smartphone, you probably use it to do everything from check the stock market to listen to your music. A desk is the perfect place for a charging station – charge your phone while you’re in the office and it won’t lose battery power when you’re out and about.

A cup of pens

Though technology dominates our lives, there are some things that will never go away. Pens are a constant. But don’t just have one pen on your desk; have an entire cup. Pens are like socks and lids to your Tupperware – the disappear with regularity.

A portrait of your family

You spend a lot of time focused on your career, but it’s not your life. A portrait of your family can help keep you grounded and remind you of why you work. A portrait can also remind you that it’s okay to take time for play.

Whether you prefer clean or cluttered, there are certain things that belong on a desk. The above is a handful of suggestions. You may opt to scratch them all and, instead, have a desk that simply holds several pots of coffee. 

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