A little bit of background on Vitrazza’s radio ads

In 2016 Vitrazza embarked on a national radio campaign that primarily ran commercials on Sirius XM radio. It really launched us from a local business to a successful national brand. In that time, using the power of what radio pros call ‘Theater of the Mind’, we’ve introduced millions of listeners to a concept they’d likely never heard of before - Glass Office Chair Mats. Over 40,000 of those radio listeners now use a Glass Chair Mat. Thank you if you’re already a customer! 

Along the way, we’ve worked with various scriptwriters and ad agencies, who’ve all contributed to our success. But somewhere along the line, our president, George Pardo, got the idea to record a few radio spots himself (maybe from an article in the Wall Street Journal he says). In-house, we jokingly refer to this genre of ads as “the George ads”. The audience has responded so enthusiastically that sometimes George really thinks he’s famous. 

After 3 years of crazy growth, George is still President of Vitrazza, and still recording radio commercials. In fact, yesterday he was at Coupe Studios in Boulder, CO – just 30 minutes from our national distribution center (in beautiful Golden, CO). Above is a short video of George saying ‘Hi’ from the recording studio. He was there to record new CTAs (that’s ‘call-to-action’ in advertising jargon) for one of our most recent Vitrazza radio commercials titled ‘The Look’. If you haven’t heard that Vitrazza radio ad, George begins by asking, “What does your office say about you?”. And for so many of our customers, the look they get with a new Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is the look they’re going for – beautiful and ultra-clear, not dented and dingy. 

If you’re trying to get ‘The Look’ in a home office or business, a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is probably that finishing touch you need. We stock 12 popular sizes, or we can create a custom design just for your workspace. And a Glass Office Chair Mat by Vitrazza is backed by our written Lifetime Warranty and 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Keep in mind, we ship throughout the US and Canada, and every shipment is insured. You can order online (use discount code ‘look’ to save 10%) Or call 1.800.711.8261 - you’ll talk to our super-helpful concierge-style customer service team, and who knows, on a busy day George Pardo might even answer the phone to take your order!