Benefits of Improving Your Posture

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Many of us spend eight hours a day (or more) sitting behind a desk. If you suffer from back or neck pain, consider upgrading your office equipment and take steps to improve your posture. Even if an ergonomic office chair isn’t in the budget, there are quite a few exercises you can do to boost your strength and gently remind yourself to practice good posture. Here, you’ll learn what proper posture can do for your comfort and productivity.

What Is Good Posture?

When you’re ready to focus on your posture, visualize yourself sitting with your back completely straight. Additionally, aim to settle into your chair with your feet resting flat on the floor, and with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Correct posture is helpful when working in the office, but it’s also important to walk, stand, and move with proper posture. When walking or standing, picture a vertical line that connects your shoulder, hip, and knee.

Avoid Health Problems

Although it can be a challenge to maintain good posture, it’s well worth putting in a little extra effort to re-train your muscles. When you consistently focus on your posture, you’ll increase your chances of avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on your body. Poor posture contributes to ailments like early onset arthritis and joint misalignment, so be sure to correct your stance when you notice yourself reverting back to old habits. Changing your posture may be mildly uncomfortable at first, but it will become muscle memory in just a few weeks.

Increased Comfort

Persistent back and neck pain is a productivity killer at work, and an annoyance when you’re trying to relax at home. If you’d like to stay as pain-free as possible, go through the motions of improving your posture each day. This can be as simple as setting a reminder to check your posture once an hour—if you notice that you’re slouching, quickly fix your position and try to maintain it throughout the rest of the day. As your back muscles get more toned, it’ll be easier to practice correct posture on a consistent basis. Once you’ve established strong habits, you’ll probably notice that your increased comfort level allows you to stay focused on work for longer periods of time.

Proper posture can be achieved in a variety of ways. Correcting poor posture when you notice it is essential, but having the right equipment in your office is also immensely helpful. If you’re ready to improve the ergonomics of your office space, consider investing in a Glass Office Chair Mat. Vitrazza is the leader in the Glass Office Chair Mat industry, and we offer a variety of choices to enhance your workspace. Our 12 in-stock options are ideal for most office chairs, and custom products are also available. To browse our selection, visit us online at, or feel free to contact our team for additional information.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license