Best Office Tech Tools To Use In 2018

Best Office Tech Tools To Use In 2018

Hoping to modernize your office practices? Consider seeking help from the latest technology. If you’d like to boost productivity and improve communication in your workplace, explore the tools and apps we share here.

Jamboard by Google

G Suite is packed with helpful tools, and its new virtual whiteboard will come in handy for offices that need to collaborate. It can be a challenge to work together effectively, especially when colleagues are located in different areas. If your team needs to improve their collaboration skills, give Jamboard a try. This technology operates like a traditional whiteboard, but it is portable and can be used anywhere. On the digital whiteboard, users have the ability to import images, sketch from scratch, and add notes. Next time you need to schedule a planning session, just open Jamboard and invite your colleagues to join.


Communicating via email or text message often feels impersonal, and miscommunication is always a possibility. If you’d like to personalize your marketing materials or help make employees feel more at home, consider using the video messaging system, Vidyard. Whether your goal is to increase leads or improve team morale, Vidyard can help.

Stride by Atlassian

Are you frustrated with basic instant messaging tools and looking for something more user-friendly? Check out Stride, the group messaging software created by Atlassian. Similar to Slack, this tool provides its users with a host of helpful features. Open communication is easy with Stride: users can interact with large groups or individual team members, and they can create as many chat rooms as needed. In addition to the messaging tool, Stride offers file sharing, a message editor, and sophisticated search function.


To be as productive as possible, you’ll need to master the art of time management. If you or your employees struggle with this skill, you may find RescueTime helpful. This app allows users to identify time-wasters, which is vital for correcting bad habits. Effectively managing your time might feel overwhelming at first, but RescueTime also encourages goal-setting and offers action alarms. For example, you can program the app to notify you if you’ve spent more than a set amount of time on non-work-related sites. After you’ve become accustomed to this tool, use the analytics option to create detailed reports on your productivity. If you’re not happy with the results, you have the ability to adjust your goals and develop achievable milestones within the app.

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