Best Online Collaboration Tools For Remote Workers

Tools for Remote WorkersModern businesses are all about flexibility, and many are moving toward an entirely remote operation or offering generous work-from-home policies. If you’re working with or managing a team of remote employees, you may be on the search for online tools to enhance communication and performance. As the market responds to new workplace trends, you’ll have the ability to choose from an impressive variety of technology to incorporate into the team’s daily routine. Here, we share a few of our favorite online tools that are ideal for connecting remote workers. 



Slack is widely regarded as the ultimate collaboration tool. This software allows teammates to customize communication channels and search for conversations by keywords. When you’re looking for a comprehensive tool to streamline communication and keep tasks organized, Slack is an excellent choice and easily integrates with other tools. 


Whether your employees work in close quarters in an office or are hundreds of miles apart, Trello can maximize organization. This project management tool functions like a virtual corkboard, and users can organize by boards, lists, and cards. A simple glance at the board can bring employees up to speed on the latest notes or ideas and help teammates visualize a path to success. 


Slack and Trello are excellent options for staying in touch and improving organization, but face-to-face meetings are occasionally necessary. If you’re looking for top notch video conferencing, Zoom fits the bill. This tool is well known for stunning video quality, crystal clear audio, and glitch-free user experience. Whether you’re conferencing with just one other person or 60+ employees, Zoom is a reliable choice. 

Google Drive 

Google Drive is considered the best file management system available, and is a must for file-sharing and collaboration between remote workers. Google Drive is easy to use from any device, and its instant syncing offers peace of mind and unparalleled organization for users. There’s a reason Google’s products reign supreme in the business world: they’re affordable, user friendly, and among the best options on the market. 

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