Easy Potluck Ideas For the Workplace

Potluck Ideas

Potluck IdeasThe holiday season is quickly approaching, and for many offices, that means potluck gatherings and gift exchanges. If your workplace is looking forward to hosting a potluck, team members may be wondering about easy, flavorful dishes to bring. Here, we share a few of our favorite recipes that are crowd-pleasing and simple to make. 


“Grown Up” Mac and Cheese 

This “grown up” version of mac and cheese is crafted with a blend of Gruyere, cheddar, and blue cheese. It’s a far cry from boxed macaroni, and its rich flavors are sure to be a hit at the potluck table. You can keep this recipe vegetarian, or spice it up a little with bacon bits. 

Classic Pot Roast 

If you’re looking for a warm comfort food to serve at the office party, a classic slow-cooked pot roast is an excellent choice. This savory dish only requires a few ingredients, and it can cook in the slow cooker the night before to ensure great flavor and tenderness. When you’re ready to transport, simply keep it in the slow cooker and set it to the “keep warm” setting when you get to the office. 

Oven-Baked Barbecue Chicken 

Oven-baked barbecue chicken is an easier alternative to grilling, and a simple smoky glaze will add some zing. This recipe is ideal for serving with finger food sides, such as rolls or potato chips. 

Bite-Sized Apple Pies 

Looking to treat your co-workers to a delicious dessert? These bite-sized apple pies are perfectly portioned and packed with seasonal flavors. The best part about these delectable bite-sized desserts is their no-fuss prep time of just 20 minutes, plus 15 minutes of bake time. If your office has freezer space, consider bringing some vanilla ice cream to complement the taste of homemade apple pie. 

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