Hard Surface Office Chair Casters Features and Benefits

Hard Surface Office Chair Casters Features and Benefits

CastersCasters aren’t something you probably think about often (or ever). But they are an important feature of any ergonomic office chair. And different casters offer different perks and benefits. Here’s what you need to know:

What are casters?

A caster is a type of device that allows an object to roll fluidly; essentially, a caster houses a wheel. They’re found on desk chairs, but also on hospital beds, portable tables, and inside shipyards and automotive factories. They can be small or large – some industrial casters are designed to hold weights of 100,000 pounds.

Casters are made of a variety of materials. These include cast iron, polyurethane, steel, aluminum, plastic, and rubber.

The different types of casters

Most people who buy office chairs do so with little regard to the caster. But, as mentioned above, different casters offer different rewards. Therefore, before you purchase an office chair, consider the following three things: how the chair will be utilized (and how often), the type of flooring in your office, and the chair’s weight limit.

The answers to these questions will help you determine the type of caster you need. In a nutshell, the most common types include:

Standard carpet casters: Most office chairs come with these types of casters; they roll easily across carpet. They’re generally made of plastic, which helps the wheel roll fluidly even on carpet that’s high.

Top plate casters: Top plate casters aren’t often found on office chairs, but they may be required if you’re going to use your chair on a frequent basis in a manner that involves lots of rolling.

Reverse locking casters: Reverse locking casters come with a built-in safety measure. These casters lock in place when weight is applied. They’re not useful if you want to roll around your office while sitting down, but they may be appropriate if you work from home and don’t want your children using your chair as a go-kart.

Hard surface casters:  Of all the casters, hard surface ones are becoming increasingly prevalent. A large reason for this is the popularity of hardwood floors (though hard surface casters work on any hard surface). These casters protect floors because they’re specifically designed to leave them unblemished.

While standard carpet casters are made of a rigid nylon, hard surface casters are made of soft rubber or urethane. They’ll roll better because of the softer grip and they won’t scratch the floor or chair mat.

Casters aren’t the most important aspect of office chairs, but they’re relevant nonetheless. Identifying your needs ahead of time assures you get the type of caster that works best for you.

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