How Ergonomic Comfort Can Improve Office Productivity

Ergonomic ComfortIn the perfect office, employees maintain a certain level of efficiency until the proverbial closing bell. In most offices, however, they are lured away from proposals and reports by gossip, social media, and good old-fashioned staring out the window. The right chairs won’t eliminate all of this, but they will certainly help.

There are many reasons ergonomic comfort increases productivity. So, pull up your own ergonomic chair and consider the following:

Boringness begets laziness

A worker who blames a boring piece of furniture on their inability to finish their tasks won’t be deemed “employee of the month” any time soon. However, they do have a point; when you’re surrounded by uninspired furniture, it’s easy to grow uninspired, too. Ergonomic furniture livens things up, including an office staff.

Colors help the psyche

The right colors can influence the workplace’s atmosphere. According to Color Psychology, different colors elicit different responses. For example, red is associated with energy, orange is associated with enthusiasm, yellow with happiness, green with harmony, white with cleanliness, and black with power or elegance. Choose a color based on the association you want.

They help organization

Simply put, ergonomic furniture helps an office stay organized. It minimizes bulk and produces a well-adjusted look. It also helps perpetuate order, which influences how much work actually gets done. Just as boringness begets laziness, organization begets productivity.

They induce comfort

Ergonomic chairs, like all ergonomic furniture, are designed with comfort in mind. It might sound silly to desire comfortable employees – they’re at work for business, not leisure – but people who are comfortable are better primed to put forth their best effort.

They reduce pain

Per the Health Site, ergonomic chairs reduce the discomfort of a variety of conditions, including neck issues, as well as hip and back pain. They help improve posture, too, which prevents these conditions from manifesting in the first place. This results in a lower prevalence of medical conditions that warrant workers’ compensation claims.

Ergonomic furniture won’t take an employee with no work ethic and help them climb the corporate ladder, but it may usher in a more productive atmosphere. And that’s something most offices can use.

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