How to Determine Which Size Glass Chair Mat You Need

How to Determine Which Size Glass Chair Mat You Need

Glass chair mats might be about aesthetic appeal – they do add a luxury to your office, after all – but they’re about practicality, too. To get the most out of this practicality, however, you need to make sure you have the correct kind of mat.

So, how do you select a mat that lets your chair rock and roll (or at least roll correctly)? Start by asking the following:

What is the size of your work area?

It probably comes as no surprise that if you have a smaller area, you need a smaller mat. Mats that are too big will take up too much space and look out of place. One of the most important things to remember is that chair mats aren’t designed to support other types of office furniture. In other words, don’t buy an extra-large mat and then use it to hold your desk or filing cabinet.

Which shape do you need?

Office mats come in a variety of shapes, both traditional and custom-made. When determining the type of shape you need, don’t only consider what looks good; consider what feels good, too. Think about your daily movement – do you roll back and forward? Do you roll from left to right? Is your desk organized in an L? Then your mat should be, as well.

How often will you use your office chair mat?

Some people have home offices that do little more than collect dust – it’s a room that gets very little love and attention. If you have this type of office, you can get away with a cheap mat for one reason: it won’t break because you won’t use it. If you have an office that you regularly work from, then higher quality is essential. It will cost you more money upfront, but the durability assures you get your money’s worth.

Not many people consider all that goes into buying an office chair mat. Personal taste comes into play, but these tips will help you find a mat conducive to your work environment.

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