How to Handle Work/Life Balance When the Kids Go Back to School

Work/Life BalanceFinding a comfortable work/life balance can be a challenge, and it’s especially difficult to manage when you have a busy family life. If you’re struggling with staying calm and organized since the kids have returned to school, you’re not alone. Parents often experience stress when it’s time to balance the kids’ school routine and a demanding career, but it’s possible to plan ahead to make the transition simpler. Here, we share our tips to help you ace the school year without missing a beat at the office. 

Take a Look at the School Calendar 

There’s a lot to consider at the beginning of a new academic year, but you should make it a priority to review the school’s calendar as soon as it’s available. Many parents are caught by surprise when a half day at school or teacher training day pops up on the radar, which can throw a wrench in work plans. To ensure a smooth, stress-free schedule, take note of all the school holidays at the beginning of the academic year and start making child care arrangements in advance. 

Schedule Time For “Family Study Hall” 

Homework starts early these days. If you’re struggling to keep up with work responsibilities while helping the kids with their assignments, set aside some time for “family study hall.” This focused quiet time can be done whenever and wherever you’d like. For example, you may find that gathering around the kitchen table after dinner works best for getting caught up on homework and office duties. To find out if this habit works for your family, try setting a timer for 30 minutes to an hour. You may be surprised to see how productive each member of the family can be during scheduled study time. 

Transition From Work to Home Life 

Juggling parenthood and a career requires an enormous amount of energy. Many parents are concerned about their ability to do their best at home and in the office. If this is a concern for you, we recommend taking a few minutes to make the transition between time at the office and parent life. After a busy day at work, it’s natural for your mind to stay on work matters after you’ve arrived at home. To cut down on doing double duty, make it a priority to wrap up your time at work while you’re still at your desk. If your position requires check-ins after hours, use family study hall time to catch up on emails or get organized for the coming week.

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