How to Minimize Job Stress and Leave Work at the Office

Minimizing Job StressIf you often experience feelings of stress or anxiety at work, you’re among the 29-40% of workers who struggle with negative emotions in the workplace. As you probably already know, chronic stress and fatigue can wreak havoc on your health and wellbeing, leading to even more work-related and personal problems. For peace of mind both in and out of the workplace, consider our tips for minimizing job stress and leaving work at the office. 


Get an Early Start 

For many individuals, running a bit behind schedule feels inevitable. When you’re late dropping the kids off to school or have to fight traffic, there’s no doubt you’ll arrive at the office already in a frantic state of mind. It can be difficult to come back from a hectic morning, so if you’re habitually a few minutes behind, consider changing your habits to get an earlier start. In addition to having plenty of time to reach your destination(s), you’ll also have the chance to start your day with a meditation session or an energizing cup of green tea or coffee. 

Revamp Your Organizational System 

If you often find yourself struggling to keep deadlines straight or get each email replied to, you may need to find a more effective organizational system to reduce your stress levels. To avoid letting things slip through the cracks, try setting up Google Calendar and integrating this tool with each of your electronic devices. If you feel overwhelmed by setting goals, break them into achievable steps with the app, Things. To explore more apps to simplify life, take a look at this website. When you need to take a quick break for relaxation, try the apps we share here. 

Take a Few Moments to Unwind Before Leaving 

When you leave the office immediately after finishing up a project, you may continue to think about work-related matters during your commute home. While you may be tempted to get home as quickly as possible, be sure to decompress and find a good stopping point before heading out. Once you’ve found an acceptable time to wrap things up, listen to a calming playlist or breathe deeply for a couple of minutes if you’re still in work mode. If possible, make it a point to unplug from work responsibilities after you leave the office. Your projects will be there in the morning, and you’ll return to work feeling refreshed. 

Job-related stress is an extremely common experience for Americans, but the tips we share here can help you achieve balance. In addition to implementing these suggestions, it’s possible to boost your mood at work by making the space feel more like home. If you’re interested in adding aesthetic appeal to your office, consider investing in a Glass Office Chair Mat. Our mats are crafted with super-strong glass, and each product offers superior ergonomics and maneuverability. When you’re ready to explore our in-stock sizes or create a custom option, please browse our website or reach out to our customer service team.