How to Run an Effective Meeting

Glass Chair MatsWell-run meetings seem to be a rarity in many offices. If you’d like to ensure that each session is productive and leaves employees feeling motivated and ready to contribute, it’s crucial to make the best use of time. Here, we share tips to facilitate distraction-free, effective meetings that are simple to implement. 


Only Schedule a Meeting When There’s a Clear Objective 

“All purpose” meetings generally aren’t a good use of time, and they can be frustrating for employees. If you’re thinking about holding a meeting but you haven’t quite identified a clear-cut objective, re-group for a moment until you can pinpoint a direction for the gathering. Once you’ve found a target, let attendees know in an email or invitation ahead of time so they come prepared. 

Invite Necessary Personnel Only 

While you may be inclined to invite the entire team to a meeting, it’s best to stick to necessary personnel only. When each attendee is essential and offers valuable input, everyone involved will have a much more productive meeting. Additionally, small groups tend to be quicker and more focused than larger gatherings. 

Stick to a Schedule 

To hold the attention of meeting attendees, be sure to provide a schedule beforehand and display it on a whiteboard or projector during the conference. This practice is an excellent way to keep everyone on track, and will provide a visual guideline for meeting expectations. 

Discuss Actionable Steps 

When it’s time to wrap up the conference, be sure to spend a few minutes drafting an action plan for the group or set individual goals. Ending with a plan in place is a great way to keep employees engaged and ready to meet their goals. 

Send a Follow-Up Email 

For best results, send a follow-up email as soon as possible after the conclusion of the gathering. This simple step reinforces a strong action plan, and will allow employees to reference it as needed. When it’s time for another meeting to check on progress, each member of the group can easily pick up where they left off. 

Meetings don’t have to be an event for employees and presenters to dread. A productive meeting process can make an impressive difference in setting and reaching goals, but it’s essential to plan ahead before scheduling a conference. If you’d like to ensure that each member of your team has everything they need to succeed, consider equipping each workspace with a sleek Glass Office Chair Mat. A glass mat designed with ergonomics in mind will allow greater freedom of movement, and it’ll also transform the look of the office. Our team at Vitrazza is proud to produce beautiful, high-quality products crafted with super-strong glass. We back each of our mats with a never-dent promise, and offer speedy shipping throughout the United States. To learn more about our products and find the best fit for your needs, please reach out to our customer service team. 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license