Ideas for Getting Exercise at Work

Ideas for Getting Exercise at Work

Office jobs are often demanding and leave little time after work to spend on personal objectives. When you’re focused on meeting deadlines and achieving your goals, you may be too drained to hit the gym as frequently as you’d like. On busy days when you know that you won’t have time to engage in your favorite workout routine, get creative and try the following exercises that are office-friendly and won’t disturb your colleagues. Plus, these activities are great for releasing stress so you’ll feel invigorated after completing them.

Start With Stretching

If it’s been a while since you’ve exercised or you’re starting from square one, start small with simple exercises like stretching.  Sitting with poor posture can heavily stress your back and neck muscles, so begin by sitting tall and elongating your neck. Once you’re practicing proper posture, stretch your neck by slowly moving your ear toward your shoulder on the same side. Hold this position for a few moments, and then repeat the stretch on the other side. For more helpful stretches for office workers, check out the suggestions here.

Use the Stairs Whenever Possible

Aerobic exercise is one of the most important ingredients in a healthy lifestyle. It’s recommended to get at least 30 minutes per day of heart-elevating activity, but many individuals fall short on reaching this suggestion. To add a few minutes of aerobics to your workday, skip the elevator and take the stairs whenever possible. Power-walking up the steps two at a time is an excellent way to tone your lower body and get your heart pumping; but pace yourself to ensure that you’re not overstressing your muscles.

Try Calf Raises and Squats

Aerobic exercises like jumping jacks or running in place are great for elevating your heart rate, but these activities may be noisy and disturb your office neighbors. For a quiet exercise that you can do at any time, consider calf raises and squats. Calf raises are the perfect muscle-strengthening option to do while you’re waiting at the copier or fax machine. This exercise is silent and only requires you to rise onto the ball of your feet for a moment before gently returning to your usual stance. For best results, opt for three sets of 10 reps throughout the day until you feel ready for a bigger challenge. If you have a private office and would like to target your core and lower body, squats are an ideal choice. You can squat right from your chair—stand with your feet at least hip-width apart and slowly lower yourself back into your chair by bending your knees.

Taking a few quick exercise breaks throughout the day can improve your mood and even boost your ability to concentrate. To create a smooth surface on which to practice simple exercises, consider adding a Glass Office Chair Mat to your workspace. Vitrazza is the leader in the production of Glass Office Chair Mats, and our products are tough and durable to resist scratches and nicks from daily use. If you’d like to browse our selection, please visit our website or stop by our store in Golden, Colorado. To speak with a team member about designing a custom option, give us a call or reach out online.

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