New Year’s Resolutions For the Office and How to Keep Them

New Year's ResolutionsMaking New Year’s resolutions is a popular tradition for personal growth, but they can also be helpful for reaching work-related milestones. If you have big goals for the workplace in 2019, consider making an achievable list of New Year’s resolutions for the office. Here, we share a few realistic goal suggestions and tips for sticking to them.  

Improve Your Diet 

It’s hard to stay focused and perform at your best without practicing proper nutrition. To feel better and avoid the after-lunch brain fog, consider cleaning up your diet and limit eating out. This is a common New Year’s resolution, but it’s easily applicable to the office. If you often find yourself in the drive-thru line or snacking on processed foods during your lunch break, try making the transition to meal prepping a few days per week. This goal will be more attainable if you start small, so aim to bring your breakfast and lunch to work just three days per week at first. If you find that you’re feeling better and staying on track, up your goal to four or five days of freshly prepared meals per week. 

Develop a New Skill 

Ready to make 2019 a year of personal and professional growth? Start by setting a concrete goal to improve your resumé or get one step closer to that promotion you’ve been eyeing. There are many ways you can achieve career growth, such as attending training seminars or pursuing a certification in your industry. Developing new skills or building upon your current knowledge are great steps toward personal and career growth, so strive to continue expanding your expertise. 

Keep Your Workspace Tidy 

When your office is cluttered or disorganized, it may be difficult to stay on top of deadlines or locate important documents. Effective organization can make an incredible difference in your productivity and mindset, so consider tidying up your office space at the start of the New Year. When every paper has a home and your digital filing systems are in order, you’ll be ready to put in your best work. Once your workspace is clean and organized, set aside one day each week to do some housekeeping and maintain your office’s appearance. 

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Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license