Office Well-Being Initiatives to Try This Summer

Office Well-Being Initiatives to Try This Summer

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 licensePromoting well-being in the workplace is essential for finding the best talent and keeping employees healthy and content. If you’re looking for new ways to encourage healthy habits and provide a sense of tranquility for your team, consider the tips we share here. Summertime is the ideal season to implement health and well-being initiatives, so you may find that these changes will improve your company culture. 

Stock the Break Room With Healthy Food 

Access to healthy food is crucial for staying energized and avoiding illness. This summer, make it a priority to stock the break room with nutritious, satisfying snacks and beverages. If the office has an onsite cafeteria, consider making the switch to organic lunch options. When planning the new menu or snack offerings, be sure to ask for feedback from employees to ensure that everyone feels accommodated. 

Encourage Walk Breaks 

Sitting for long periods at a time can contribute to poor circulation, and may even have a negative impact on mental clarity. To get your team members moving, aim to take a group walk a few times per day. Taking a lap or two around the building will serve as a nice midday break, and can assist in team building. 

Start an On-Site Fitness Program 

You don’t need much space to start an exercise program in the office. Regardless of the size or layout of the workplace, you’ll likely be able to incorporate daily or weekly voluntary fitness initiatives, like yoga or squats. If you’re lucky enough to have an onsite gym or fitness center, inquire about getting a group membership as a perk for your employees. 

Offer Work/Life Balance Options 

In our fast-paced culture, it’s not uncommon for individuals to feel overwhelmed by or apathetic about work. Encouraging a realistic work/life balance is a must if you want to attract and retain the best team members, so take some time to reflect on ways to accomplish this goal. In many cases, offering work-from-home opportunities or paid time off are great rewards for outstanding work. 

Provide Mindfulness Training 

To promote a balanced work environment and ensure that each team member is equipped with the emotional tools they need to thrive, look into hosting mindfulness training sessions. Many high-profile tech companies, such as Google, embrace this type of instruction, and you may discover that it has a positive effect on your workplace, as well. If you’re interested in offering mindfulness training, be sure to get in touch with a professional instructor in your area. 

Well-being encompasses more than just nutrition and fitness. There are many avenues that you can explore when making improvements to the work environment, and sprucing up the appearance of the office can make a noticeable difference in employee happiness. In addition to trying the tips mentioned here, add elegant, ergonomic touches to each workspace. Premium Glass Office Chair Mats are an excellent choice, and will provide a sleek aesthetic and increased maneuverability. Vitrazza is the leader in the production of Glass Office Chair Mats, and we’re happy to help you navigate the options that we offer. To receive concierge-style customer service, please reach out to our team. 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license