Playlists to Improve Your Day at the Office

Denver Office FurnitureWe’ve all been there: feeling less than your best at the office may happen occasionally, but you can find strategies to improve the workday. When you need a pick-me-up, don’t underestimate the influence of music. While caffeine can wake you up temporarily, a good playlist can help boost your mood and productivity throughout the day. Looking for a few playlists that will lift your spirits? Here, we share our favorite music selections for a positive, productive day at the office. 


For Focus and Productivity: Video Game Music

Having a hard time waking up and honing in on your work? Try tuning in to the video game-themed playlist, Total Dedication, on Spotify. Regardless of your interest level in video games, you’ll probably find that the dramatic scores inspire you to put in your best effort for several hours at a time.

To Relax and De-Stress: Sounds of Nature 

If you have a big deadline or presentation looming on the horizon, it’s natural to feel apprehensive or stressed. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend the workday (or week) on edge. Nature enthusiasts often find that natural sounds are soothing and effective for calming the nerves. When you feel anxiety or stress creeping in, try to reset your mood with this tranquil Nature Sounds playlist. 

For a Caffeine-Free Energizer: Tunes With a Positive Message 

If you’re struggling to feel alert, the right music can energize you. According to psychology experts, it’s all about choosing a playlist that slowly progresses to up-tempo beats. Instead of jarring yourself awake during your commute in, start with something positive yet soothing. As the day develops, your wake-up playlist should move on to livelier beats. Interested in trying out this theory? Check out this popular workday playlist. 

Music can have a powerful effect on our mood. We all have occasional “off days,” but putting on your headphones and getting lost in your favorite playlists can turn your day around. In addition to finding a good mix of songs, enhancing your workspace is essential for settling into the workday groove. To feel at ease and ready to work when you arrive at the office, stock your space with personal and luxury touches. Making the switch from a standard plastic chair mat to a glass option is an instant upgrade, both aesthetically and functionally. If you’d like to invest in a premium Glass Office Chair Mat that never dents, get in touch with our customer service team at Vitrazza. We’re happy to help you select the ideal product for your needs or work with you to design a tailor-made mat.  

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license