The 5 Most Important Features in a Desk Lamp

When most of us purchase desk lamps, we don’t usually think about the features. If it lights up, we’re good to go. But the proper desk lamp can make a difference, particularly if you end up working late into the evenings.

Some of the most important features to look for include:

The lighting
Yep, it’s no surprise that the lighting is important, but different desk lamps offer different types of lighting. They can be used for task lighting, accent lighting, or ambient lighting. Determine which kind of lighting you’ll use the most; that’ll help you decide which type of lamp to purchase.

The décor

Desk lamps are often purchased for their practicality, but you might care about visual aesthetics, too. If you do, consider a lamp that molds with your décor. At the very least, opt for one that isn’t an eyesore.

The height

Taller lights cover a larger percentage of your desk when compared to lamps that are short. If you need a large workspace, a tall lamp is essential. If you only use your desk to sign documents or pay your bills, a short lamp should suffice.

The brightness

Desk lamps offer different levels of brightness, though this is often dictated by the type of light bulbs they contain. Brightness grows in importance as we age; per Lightology, a person over fifty years old needs twice as much light as someone in their twenties. Glare is important, too: older eyes are sensitive. Thus, a desk lamp with a controlled beam may be ideal.


Though it’s not common, lamps pose a fire danger under certain circumstances. Leaving your desk lamp on for a lengthy period might not be much of a risk, but if combustible materials are nearby, it makes things more dangerous. LED desk lamps use light bulbs that are cooler and less likely to ignite anything. If you tend to leave your lamp on for long periods of time, they might be an ideal option.

Buying a desk lamp shouldn’t involve as much effort or consideration as buying a new car, but that doesn’t mean it’s a quick purchase. Weighing the above helps assure you get the desk lamp most conducive to a productive office.

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Photo image courtesy of Pexels under Creative Commons 0 license