The Best and Worst Flooring Choices for Offices

The Best and Worst Flooring Choices for OfficesThere’s rarely one type of flooring that’s suitable for your office; rather, many of the choices offer pros and cons. Weighing your needs against factors like cost can help you decide what is most ideal. So, let’s explore some of the options below.


Hardwood is attractive because of its visual appeal. It’s also long-lasting and easy to clean. It’s most ideal in areas that are not high-traffic (i.e., it’s better suited for a conference room than a breakroom). The biggest drawback is the cost. The higher the quality, the higher the price.


One of the biggest benefits of tile is that it comes in a variety of types, allowing you to find something that really jives with your ambience. It’s also highly durable and resistant to scratches, and doesn’t stain very easily, either. The downside is that tile is often cold, something that may be relevant if your office is located in an old building with less-than-stellar insulation.


Laminate, like tile, is fairly scratch-resistant, durable, and great in high-traffic areas. But, unlike tile, laminate is easily repaired when damaged. The visual aesthetics of this flooring are a perk, as well – certain types resemble hardwood – and it’s easy to clean. A downside is that standing water ruins laminate, making it imprudent in breakrooms, kitchens, and, especially, bathrooms. 


The benefit of carpet is that the cost varies (a benefit because it allows you to choose something within your budget). Carpet is also plush, which provides a soft and inviting look to your office. And, bonus: it’s easily installed. On the con list, carpet gets stained by things like ink and coffee, and is difficult to clean.


Vinyl is both cheap and expensive depending on the type you get. One of the benefits of vinyl is that it’s very quiet, which is conducive to certain work environments. The drawback is its appearance – it isn’t typically as attractive as the other types of flooring. If your office is filled with desks and other furniture, this may not be an issue.

Flooring is important for any office, with different types offering both pros and cons. The ideal option comes down to your needs and budget. The best choice is really what is best for you.

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