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The Last Office Chair Mat You’ll Ever Need To Buy.

The Last Office Chair Mat You’ll Ever Need To Buy.

Why would a steel company choose Glass Chair Mats for their office workstations?

Since 1983, Tampa Steel & Supply has been serving the steel needs of West Central Florida, selling steel products to everyone from small businesses, to rock bands, Amazon, and even SpaceX. What began as a small business for steel supplies has grown into one of the largest suppliers of metal products and accessories in the Tampa Bay area, including a newly launched e-commerce business called Urban Metals, a source for unique, custom-cut, metal art. 

The Tampa Steel & Supply team is distinguished by some of the most hardworking and compassionate folks in the metal service industry. Tampa Steel is a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on high-quality products, best in class customer service, and taking exceptional care of their employees.

Tampa Steel employs a team of nineteen, with twelve of them occupying what some might assume are typical office workspaces. But Tampa Steel is anything but typical when it comes to providing a comfortable work environment. 

A recent article in Forbes Magazine lists "providing employees with ergonomic supplies" as a significant factor in enhancing employee productivity. "When a worker is experiencing discomfort, not only will they be more distracted from being productive, but it could also cost big-time in terms of finances.", the article reads. Forbes also cites a study by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) that discovered "54% of participants reduced back and neck pain simply by cutting back on their sitting time by 66 minutes per day."

Troy Underwood, Owner & CEO of Tampa Steel & Supply, agrees and has a high level of commitment to keeping his employees comfortable at work. “Our administrative and sales team often spend long hours at their desks. Sitting is the new cancer, so we decided to test a standing desk with one of our employees. They just loved it, so now we’ve outfitted the entire office with sit-stand desks, and Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats to enhance comfort and productivity when our employees are sitting. We think the long-term health and wellness benefits far outweigh the minor costs of replacing office furnishings. Additionally, it makes customer interactions much easier when we’re sharing information with them from our computer monitors.”

A Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is the perfect complement to any workstation. Ultimately, the reason that office chairs have wheels is to enable them to move easily across the floor. And we know that rolling is significantly impeded when office chairs are stuck in the dents of cheap plastic chair mats. Workers who are stuck in the dents, cracks, and divots of a plastic chair mat will often half-stand to shove their chair backward or grasp the armrests to pull their chair forward or sideways. When repeated over and over, any of these actions will lower productivity and eventually cause pain. Combined, they can make for a miserable work experience while sitting. 

With the right chair mat, you can eliminate discomfort, prevent fatigue, and add a stylish furniture accessory to your office. In just over a decade, Vitrazza has sold thousands of beautiful and durable Glass Chair Mats to small and medium-sized offices throughout the US and Canada. Our business customers, like Tampa Steel, choose Vitrazza to end the constant replacement of plastic mats and to get the ergonomic comfort of a smooth, easy glide—not to mention upgraded style in the office. They've given up on worn-out plastic.

Joe Haganbarth, Tampa Steel CFO, says, “our floors have never looked better. We get regular compliments about them from our customers and vendors. Not only do the Glass Chair Mats look more professional, they are easier to clean when warehouse debris gets tracked into the office. And they just hold up better than those old nasty mats did—a steel supply company is a tough environment. I liked mine so much, I also bought one for my home office!”

Every Glass Office Chair Mat by Vitrazza is made in the USA of solid ¼" thick tempered glass and protected with Invisible Shield Pro15 Nano-Tech Coating to help resist fine scratches. Additionally, they’ll hold over 1,000lbs. and come with a Transferrable Lifetime Warranty.

The Prima Collection consists of 18 of our most popular designs that are in-stock & ready to ship. We also create custom designs to fit individual workspaces perfectly. If your business is considering three or more Glass Chair Mats, browse our Bulk Orders page to learn more about multi-unit discounts. You can also call 1.800.711.8261 or email A Vitrazza Specialist can assist with size selection, custom designs, and shipping options, and will also provide you with a detailed quote. Contact Vitrazza today!