Thought-Provoking Paint Colors For Your Office

Glass Office Chair Mat

Glass Office Chair Mat

Your office should be a comfortable haven where you feel focused and relaxed. When planning the layout and design of this area, it’s important to keep color scheme in mind. Certain hues are helpful for calming anxiety or sparking creativity, so explore our suggestions below to start the process of designing your ideal office space. 

Classic White 

For creatives or minimalists, classic white walls can be an excellent choice. When you think of whitewashed walls, you may envision a sterile, stark-white setting. However, this doesn’t have to be the case: with the latest technology, white paints come in a variety of subtle hues to suit your needs perfectly. For example, Simply White by Benjamin Moore offers a serene glow that’s just bright enough to help you feel awake and alert throughout the day. Additionally, classic white walls are ideal for individuals who enjoy switching up their office décor on a regular basis. 

Calming Gray-Blue 

If you’d prefer a laidback office space, consider deviating from the standard neutrals of white, cream, and dove gray. Deep, rich blues with a hint of gray can encourage tranquility and creativity, and these hues are particularly striking when paired with white trim or furniture. Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray is a bold choice for an office, but its blue and teal undertones are calming and visually appealing. 

Subdued Violet 

For those with individualistic tastes, a subtle violet shade may be the ideal tone for your workspace. Ash Violet by Sherwin-Williams offers just a hint of purple to liven up the office, but it’s still neutral enough to look polished and professional. To bring out the cool tones of this unusual shade, draw back the curtains to let plenty of natural light shine through. 

The design of your office space can have a considerable impact on your mood and productivity. Regardless of the color palette that you choose for your work area, you can enhance the room with luxury features like a Glass Office Chair Mat. If you’d like to explore the possibility of replacing your standard plastic mat with super-strong, dent-free glass, our team at Vitrazza is here to help. To order one of our 12 stocked sizes, please visit us online at and enjoy fast shipping within the U.S. and Canada. Our in-stock sizes are suitable for most office chairs, but in some cases, a custom option may be the best choice. If you’d like to start the process of designing a customized product, please reach out to our customer service team. 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license