Tips For Creating a Green Workplace

Creating an environmentally friendly, sustainable business can be a challenge, but it’s worth the effort to stay true to your values. If you’d like to create a green company culture, consider the following tips: 

Transition To A Paperless Office 

As technology continues to improve, it’s easier than ever to become a paperless office. You may not be able to completely move away from using printed materials, but it’s possible to make a significant reduction in paper wastage. To cut down on printed items, request paperless statements from your bank and opt for digital contracts when on-boarding new hires.  It’s difficult to go 100 percent paperless, so if you still need to print occasionally, invest in recycled paper. 

Use Natural Light Whenever Possible 

If your office space has plenty of windows, take the opportunity to open the curtains for natural lighting. Many individuals prefer natural over fluorescent light, and studies have suggested that exposure to sunlight can boost productivity. To save energy and help your employees feel happier and more productive, open the windows whenever possible.   

Switch To LED Light Bulbs 

Traditional incandescent light bulbs are notorious for burning out quickly. If you’d like to switch to a better option, LED lights are likely the best choice. This type of bulb has a long lifespan and uses less energy than incandescent or CFL bulbs. 

Use Occupancy Sensors 

For offices that are committed to conserving as much energy as possible, it’s advised to install occupancy sensors. This helpful tool is an excellent option if multiple rooms of the office are low-traffic areas but still have lights on during the day. When sensors are installed, the lights will automatically turn off as soon as the room is left unoccupied. 

Set Out Recycling Bins 

Recycling is one of the easiest ways to have a positive impact on the environment. Instead of throwing re-usable products into the trash, be sure to offer plenty of recycling stations. For best results, consider setting out small recycling bins in each office and in common areas like the break room. When a green option is easily accessible, most employees will choose to be mindful of their habits. 

Replace Plastic With Glass 

Plastic is everywhere, from packaging to office mats. In most cases, plastic products wear out quickly and need to be replaced. When you opt for glass over plastic, you’ll benefit from its scratch and stain resistant properties. In addition to the beautiful finish, it’s recyclable and doesn’t contain chemical compounds that are often found in plastic. Instead of stocking the break room with plastic cups, offer a selection of mugs or mason jars. Glass doesn’t need to be limited to the kitchen, however. This environmentally friendly material is ideal for a wide variety of uses in the office. To protect the flooring and provide easy mobility for employees, opt for superior Glass Office Chair Mats. 

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Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license