Unique Office Furniture That’s Functional and Beautiful

Function and beauty aren’t something that often go together: case in point, the most comfortable shoes are usually the least appealing. But, when it comes to furniture, it’s possible to attain ease and elegance. In fact, a variety of furniture offers this duality: it is usability in a pretty package. Take into consideration the following:

Cherrywood office tables or shelves

Cherrywood is known for its lush color, with hues that range from reddish brown to blond. It’s a popular wood most often found in cabinets, tables, shelves, and carved chairs, providing a high-class, polished look while boasting functionality. It is so long lasting that it is a mainstay of antique furniture.

Leather couches

Many offices don’t have couches – management wants employees to work, not lounge. But a leather couch is a nice addition to any workspace that encourages break-time, brainstorming, or collaboration. They are also a nice addition for a reception area, welcoming visitors and clients with cushioned arms.   

Rustic file desk

Filing cabinets are necessities in any office – it’s difficult to stay organized without them. But they’re unsightly, large, metal eyesores that add nothing to the ambiance. A rustic file desk solves this problem. It acts like a filing cabinet, but with the visual appeal of pastoral wood.

High back chair

Many high back chairs offer ergonomic functionality with style: people feel good and look good when sitting in them. These chairs tend to have extended life spans, as well. In short, they’re what business owners like: a worthy investment. For high back chairs with wheels, Glass Office Chair Mats help protect the floor below, protecting other investments – like hardwood floors – in the process.

Standing and adjustable desks

According to Live Strong, standing at a desk instead of sitting at one burns 20-50 more calories an hour (based on your size). Ergo, this type of desk is conducive to your health. These minimal calories might not sound like much, but they do add up. The simple act of standing can help a person burn 200 extra calories a day, which translates to pounds lost month after month. These types of desks are very minimalistic, allowing them to keep a room clean and crisp.

Ergonomic furniture can be both beautiful and functional, rendering it well versed for any office atmosphere regardless of industry.

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