Why Glass Mats are Eco Friendlier Options

The environment is a top priority for many, with people determined to leave the Earth in better shape than they found it. They recycle, they reuse, and they reduce their carbon footprint any way they can. But sometimes little things make a big difference. And this includes the type of chair mat inside your business or home office.

In fact, glass mats are superior to plastic ones when it comes to their eco-friendliness. Why? Because, per Glass Alliance Europe, glass is a sustainable, fully recyclable material. It can help save energy and preserve natural resources.

The greenhouse gas emitted during gas production is limited to the CO2 caused by the combustion of natural gas and the decomposition of raw materials. On the other hand, according to IOP Science, plastics are responsible for between 1% and 3% of the greenhouse gasses emitted by the US on an annual basis.

Plastic, while it is also recyclable, has other issues. According to Environmental Health News, the chemical building blocks that make plastic so versatile and strong may also be the same building blocks that harm Mother Nature. Not only is plastic often consumed by marine animals, but it’s frequently found in landfills, too…by the tons. This adds to waste and impacts groundwater as chemicals seep into the earth below. And, it depletes oil reserves; around 4% of the world’s oil supply is used to produce plastic.

Of course, plastic may threaten human health, as well. Bisphenol A (more commonly called BPA) is used to make all sorts of plastics. Per WebMD, this chemical has the potential to act like a hormone inside the body, potentially disrupting natural hormones. It may also cause brain and behavior problems, heart troubles, and obesity. In some animal studies, it’s linked to certain types of cancer later in life (particularly cancers that are hormone-dependent, like breast cancer).

While it may be too early to jump to conclusions and eliminate all BPA from a household or a place of business, glass chair mats are an easy way to minimize potential dangers. If you work from a home with children, this is especially important as BPA is worse for kids than it is adults - developing bodies have a harder time fighting off chemicals.

Glass chair mats have always been an aesthetically pleasing addition to any office, but, as science demonstrates, they offer an eco-friendly boost, too.

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Photo courtesy of Pixabay under Creative Commons 0