Will you be Tailgating or Homegating this 2021 Football Season?

Will you be Tailgating or Homegating this 2021 Football Season?

Hello Fall!

Fall is just around the corner, with September 22nd marking the official start of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. While Labor Day is often seen as the unofficial end of summer, you may have noticed other signs that summer is ending, like sunflowers and Halloween decorations popping up everywhere. For nearly two decades, the return of the coveted Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte has signaled the start of Fall and triggered a “pumpkin-spice-everything” craze. (In case you missed it, the PSL made its return on August 24th this year.)

While some mourn the departure of long summer days, many get excited for Fall and, even more so, the return of football! The end of Summer doesn't have to mean the end of fun and time outdoors. Our favorite way to enjoy the crisp, cool air of Fall is game day tailgating. 


The History of Tailgating

The origins of tailgating, groups congregating with food and drink to cheer for their team, can be linked all the way back to the Civil War's First Battle of the Bull Run in 1861, where civilians gathered with picnic baskets to watch and cheer for their soldiers.

Modern tailgating likely took root in 1869 at the first-ever college football game, Rutgers vs. Princeton at New Brunswick, New Jersey. With an audience of about 100, fans wore colors to correspond with their team.

The term “tailgating” was coined when the Green Bay Packers were founded in 1919. Fans would circle the field with their pick-up trucks, let down their tailgates, and break bread together as they cheered their team to victory. With prohibition lurking just around the corner, you can bet there was a fair bit of drinking. Thanks to the 21st Amendment, a robust food economy, and many other modern advancements, tailgate parties have become an industry all its own.


Modern Day Tailgating

In recent years, tailgating has taken on a more sophisticated vibe. Wander around any college campus during a home game, and you will see a vast array of tailgating set-ups. Some fans are more “DIY” with creative, yet simple team-decorated chairs, a tent, and a grill. Other fans curate their game day experience with fully customized tailgating rigs like mega RVs, converted school busses, or this converted “AmbuGator” ambulance created by a dedicated University of Florida Alumnus.

 2 photos showing the outside and inside of a Gator themed ambulance


No Tailgate would be complete without entertainment! While seemingly not long ago, fans had to entertain themselves for hours before the big game. Now, many game-goers come equipped with generators, dedicated game day TVs, and satellite dishes. Thanks to technological advancements, fans can watch football all day and still experience the energy of an in-person game. Gameday entertainment has undoubtedly evolved, but that doesn’t mean there is no place for the simple party games of the past. You still can’t walk 10 feet without running into a custom corn-hole set or a team-themed beer pong table.

Drinking games are prevalent at game-day tailgating events, especially for college students! Beer Pong being one of the most common games, is often played with affordable, light beers such as Coors-Light, Bud-Light, or Natural-Light. While you will still find these quintessential beverages inside any game day cooler, you may find them crowded by an assortment of local small-batch craft brews, thanks to the recent rise in craft brewing trends.


Impact of COVID-19

woman in medical mask sitting with smartphone on a bench in empty city stadium


The most recent evolution of tailgating has been the COVID-19 inspired rise of “Homegating.” Though not unheard of, as many NFL fans host gameday watch parties, dedicated football game-goers had to forego traditional tailgating during the 2020 season since many games were played with no fans permitted.

COVID-19 inspired the rapid evolution of work from home culture and changed how many businesses operate. 2020 may be considered the year of remote work, but it is just the beginning as the percentage of workers permanently working from home is expected to double in 2021, according to a survey from Enterprise Technology Research (ETR). While many are eager to get back to the stadium, with COVID uncertainty still a part of the mix, will we see the “Homegating” trend continue to grow through the 2021 season?

Here at Vitrazza, we love football! While we’d love to get back to the game, we’re also curious to see how the “Homegating” trend evolves this season. As you upgrade your “Homegating” set-up with a new big screen or fancy Traeger pellet grill…  We’ll be here to provide you with the Last Chair Mat You’ll Ever Buy for your home office. A Glass Office Chair Mat by Vitrazza is the Premium Alternative for inspired rolling desk chair users tired of replacing dented, worn-out and ugly plastic chair mats. Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats provide long-lasting durability, beauty, and an Easy-Glide ergonomic comfort. Unlike plastic mats, a Glass Chair Mat will last a lifetime, look stunning, and will never develop the dents and ruts that frustrate you when trying to roll your office chair.

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