10-Year Warranty

Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats are made from Tufver Glass™

Ralston Glass Chair Mat

Your new Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is made from our trademarked Tufver Glass which is ‘toughened’ (heat-treated) and protected with a nano-tech coating to resist fine scratches and etching. Tufver Glass is 4x stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness. Tufver Glass meets all safety glazing standards including the federal safety glazing standard, CPSC 16CFR 1201. It is designed to hold over 1,000lbs on a flat floor.

Vitrazza offers a 10-year limited warranty on each Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat against any defects or design flaws that would cause it to break while in place. If a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat breaks, it will crumble into small pieces and is unlikely to cause an injury. Vitrazza does not warrant against scratches. 

To submit a warranty claim, please snap a photo of the broken mat and email it to customersupport@vitrazza.com, along with a copy of your invoice. Vitrazza will process your application immediately and respond within 3 working days.

For approved warranty claims, Vitrazza will deliver an identical replacement Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat via its preferred delivery approach or, at its option, refund a portion of the original purchase price (less any delivery/shipping charge). In the case of a refund, Vitrazza will depreciate the original price to the customer over the 10-year warranty period and refund the non-depreciated value to the customer. Vitrazza will not cover any expenses that could be related to a broken Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, including but not limited to: moving expenses, floor repair, furniture repair, lost work hours, desk chair repairs or any other associated labor costs.