Glass? For Chair Mats?

For many folks, the initial thought of using glass anywhere on the floor seems unwise, at best. But for over 10 years now, Vitrazza has proved that with our trademarked Tufver Glass, not only is it possible – its better!

See our impact video, Click Here.


No other office chair mat on the market is expected to last as long as a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat will. Unlike vinyl or polycarbonate options, a Glass Chair Mat will never dent or ‘rut’. So even though you’ll pay a little more upfront, you can put an end to the cycle of buying, wearing out and replacing plastic mats!

Normal Use

Most folks just have to ask when they call or email – “what if I drop a coffee mug?” We assure them that there really is nothing in the normal use of a Glass Chair Mat that will lead to it breaking – not a coffee mug, or a stapler or your laptop etc. In fact, we’ve been known here to hit golf balls off of a glass chair mat! No worries, it holds up just fine. 

Just like other applications where super strong glass is used, car windows for example, it takes an awful lot to ruin a Glass Chair Mat from Vitrazza. So you don’t have to worry about that at all, and you can enjoy years and years of use, much as you would any other quality piece of furniture.




Years of Use