Give up on worn out plastic chair mats…glass is actually stronger!

Give up on worn out plastic chair mats…glass is actually stronger!

Glass Office Chair Mats - Stronger and Last Longer!
Glass Office Chair Mats - Stronger and Last Longer!
We often think of glass as fragile, but dig a little deeper and you realize there are many uses for extremely strong glass. How about bullet proof glass that goes into limos and SUVs for the ultra-wealthy? Have you ever stood on the glass skywalk at Grand Canyon National Park? Have you gazed through the thick glass walls at an aquarium? See, super tough glass is pretty common. 

Now, think about that thin piece of plastic many of us use as an office chair mat. That’s not an aquarium wall – it’s more like a plastic palm tree you put in your kid’s fish tank! And what many folks experience with cheap vinyl mats is that they dent quickly and then you feel stuck in place. Pretty soon they crack and need to be replaced. Some people get a new one every year!

glass chair mat for office chairs

Vitrazza’s trademarked TUFVER Glass is better. It will hold over 1,000 lbs and will never dent. Its solid ¼” thick toughened glass and its sealed to resist fine scratches and etching. So instead of flimsy vinyl mats, now you can have the long-lasting alternative – made right here in the US, with American workers and an entirely US supply chain. We even give you a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and a written 10-Year Warranty. It might be the last office chair mat you ever buy. We tell our customers that a Glass Office Chair Mat is a quality piece of furniture, just like a good desk or office chair. 

Watch our 45 sec impact demo

Here's what our customers say...

Duane in Longmont, CO "It has only been a week and I have already forgotten what it was like before my glass chair mat – I could NEVER go back. Your company has an incredible product!" - 

Stephen in Plano, TX “I bought my glass chair mat two years ago, after tearing through a half-dozen expensive ($60 +) plastic mats over 10 years. I was more than skeptical, but I love this, it is spectacular. I'm a big guy (280lbs); I step on a corner approaching my desk, and it flexes. Wow. I am more than pleased.”

Reuben in LA "I had a wonderful experience dealing with Vitrazza... Do not hesitate to call with any question you may have. I did and...I had my new Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat in my home in California in one week!"

I'm ready for the special offer.
If you’ve read this far, its pretty likely you have been searching for an alternative to the plastic mats that sell cheap and replace often. And you’ve probably figured out that ours are not cheap; but, if they’re all we say they are then you might have it for life! Well, you’re right, Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats aren’t cheap, but we want to bring as much value as possible to our customers, so we continue to drive costs down and pass savings on to you. 

Here’s what we’re willing to do. Order any stock or custom Glass Chair Mat and we’ll waive our White Glove Delivery charge. That’s a savings of $39.99! See the bottom of the page for ordering options.

Note: This offer is ONLY for customers on the front range (Fort Collins to CO Springs) – and its a trial for us, so it may not be available long term.

And one last thing – a true story
About four years ago now, my wife and I had just renovated the basement in our home in Evergreen. I moved my desk from an upstairs office, which she was now going to use, down into the basement where we had just installed stylish high-pile carpet and, importantly, a big screen TV. Immediately though, I was unhappy with having my chair on the carpet - I couldn't move my office chair around at all and decided I needed a chair mat.

Through a bit of serendipity, one day I was driving home from a round of golf with a buddy, and I heard an ad on the big talk radio station in town. The host was endorsing a Colorado business that designed office chair mats made from a super-strong glass. Instantly, I knew I had to have one of these! So, I called the company and placed an order for one of their stock sizes, a 48x48 in fact. I loved it! It sat down into the carpet (it weighs 50lbs) and I could glide side-to-side and back and forth freely, like never before. I told everyone!

I tried right then, the day they delivered it, to get involved somehow with this product, but the owners didn’t really want to make changes. Then, two years later, I was actively looking for a small business to buy and I sent them an email asking if they were interested in selling. Well, the timing was right and long story short, I bought that business in 2012. Within six months we moved to a new location, re-branded as Vitrazza and rolled out our new website.

Its amazing the thin threads that bring opportunity to your life. I’m grateful to that radio host! And I’m so glad that you’ve found us now too. I hope you’ll take advantage of our new free delivery offer. Order or contact us today. Thank you for considering Vitrazza!

So how can you take advantage of this exciting and limited time offer?

  1. Order online (click here to shop) and enter coupon code ‘my delivery’
  2. Call to speak with a Vitrazza Specialist (303) 993-6959 (mention this offer).
  3. Send us an email here, and tell us your ideal size. We’ll follow up right away.