Brighten up Your Office

If you’re like so many of our customers, you’ve chosen the furniture and décor in your office with an attention to style. Maybe you’ve spent thousands on an executive desk or hardwood floors in your home office. Or if you’re in a corporate office, you’ve probably invested quite a bit in commercial carpet, furniture, artwork, and ergonomic accessories.

So don’t throw a cheap, vinyl chair mat on your floor! You can add style and long-lasting floor protection to your office with a Glass Chair Mat by Vitrazza. Available in two attractive clear glass options: Chiaro (standard clear) and Luminoso (Ultra Clear Low Iron). 


The age of using plastic as a design feature seems to have faded. Glass is used in its place everywhere from countertops to cell phones! Interior designers love to use glass for tables, even chairs. Upscale beverage companies avoid plastic and instead invest millions in the design of artful, expressive bottles that resonate with customers in a way plastic just can't. So Vitrazza brings form and function to office environments with a designer aesthetic that will brighten up any office. 

Worn-out, Cracked, Faded and Dented

Does your office chair mat look like this?

Glass Mats vs Plastic or Vinyl Mats

Chances are it does or it will soon enough. Everyone knows that plastic chair mats wear out in just a short time, leaving you to try to move around on a dented surface. But more than that, it gives your office or workspace a worn-out feeling. Who wants that? If you want an easy way to style-up and refresh your office, consider a Glass Chair Mat by Vitrazza.