WHAT'S IN A NAME: The Vitrazza Brand History

WHAT'S IN A NAME: The Vitrazza Brand History

Vitrazza Brand History

When George Pardo bought a small-but-innovative Glass Office Chair Mat business back in 2012, he didn’t set out to rename the product itself. His intention was not to own one great product in a field of many mats. He set out to define—and redefine—the entire category. 

Now, Vitrazza is the market leader, selling the world’s only Glass Office Chair Mat that is both heat-treated for superior strength and protected with Invisible Shield Pro15 nano-tech coating to resist fine scratches.

photo of a man sitting at a desk in a room with wood walls and and a white rug

With a Glass Office Chair Mat by Vitrazza, gone are the days of cracked, dented, dingy vinyl. No longer must customers buy a new, cheap plastic office chair mat every year—or twice each year—once their old mat inevitably becomes an eyesore. Style and quality are important to Vitrazza customers, and Vitrazza’s entire line of premium Glass Office Chair Mats makes a beautiful, durable addition to any office space, giving every rolling chair a smooth, easy glide. 

It’s this stylish aesthetic and unyielding quality that inspired George to select the name Vitrazza from a host of options. His wife Lezlee actually developed the brand name, mashing up a couple of great root words to produce the word Vitrazza. The word “Vitrum” derives from Latin, meaning “glass.” And “razza” comes from the Italian word, which translates to “ray of light.” Combine the two, and the name Vitrazza emerges—this hard, lustrous, glass manifestation of a superior office product. This metaphorical “ray of light” for today’s consumer breathes life into what might otherwise be a mundane and run-of-the-mill office environment. 



The carefully curated Vitrazza brand name embodies both the company and the product. As the world leader in Glass Office Chair Mats, Vitrazza promises unmatched quality and a lifetime warranty. A Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat will hold over 1,000 pounds and will never dent. And it’s the only product in the category protected with Invisible Shield Pro15, which resists fine scratches.   

photo of a glass chair mat on a beige carpet with a black office chair next to it


Glass Office Chair Mats by Vitrazza are truly a ray of light for any office space—enlightening the consumer to what’s possible. With its high-end design, complete with furniture-quality polished edges and rounded corners, the Vitrazza brand epitomizes ergonomic beauty. And with Luminoso™, the Vitrazza brand’s Low Iron Ultra Clear option, customers can get an even more statement-making look with enhanced clarity and brighter edges.  




So what’s in a name? Everything. With Vitrazza, you can get the look you deserve. Vitrazza defines the collective Glass Office Chair Mat category—both in brand name and market share.