Work From Home Tips to Promote Productivity


Work From Home Tips to Promote Productivity

Whether you've been remote working your entire career or you've recently joined the "work from home" movement, you probably already realize it's vital to have an office space where you feel comfortable and productive. Working from home is a challenge for many individuals, but you can accomplish your goals by covering a few crucial elements. Here are our top suggestions for productivity:

Keep up a routine. Think about adopting a morning "commute," which can be as simple as walking around the block with a cup of coffee, a personal favorite! Continue to dress and groom professionally. What you do first thing in the morning plays a significant role in determining your mindset for the day. Although it's tempting, don't make a habit of working in your pajamas! You'll find that you're more productive when you follow your normal routine of brushing your teeth and dressing for work.

Take regular breaks. Try setting the alarm to get up and stretch every hour or so. Keep your work area separate from your personal space. Eat lunch someplace other than your desk. Breaking up the day by moving your body keeps you fresh and can increase your productivity when you return to your workspace. 

Protect your time and workspace. Set "office hours" and be sure to communicate the ground rules about those hours to family members or roommates. Anything that can interrupt you, probably will! 

Leverage Technology. If you don't already, now would be an excellent time to consider Zoom for video conferencing, Google Docs, or Dropbox for file sharing and Slack for communicating with coworkers and colleagues. Attempt to over-communicate. This is always important, but it's even more so when you're working remotely, and there are plenty of communication tools to help facilitate this.

Choose the Right Location. When planning your home office, be sure to thoroughly scope out the house before settling into a space. For example, automatically choosing the spare bedroom just because it's rarely used isn't necessarily the best course of action. If you know that you need access to natural light or an open area to feel creative and focused, think outside the box and consider adding an office in a unique place. It can take the guesswork out of planning if your home is equipped with a designated office area, but you may also discover that setting up shop by a window in the living room works just as well. 

Pay attention to ergonomics. When you're working from home, you may not be able to produce your best work if you gravitate toward the comfort of relaxation zones, such as your bed or couch. That's why a great-quality office chair is so important. When your posture is supported, you'll find that it's much easier to stay focused on the task at hand. To protect the floors and improve maneuverability, invest in a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat for your home office. This feature adds a touch of elegance to the room and is a significant upgrade from a plastic chair mat.

While telecommuting may require an adjustment period, you'll likely discover that you love working from home when you've set up a workspace that perfectly suits your needs. If you'd like to add a Glass Office Chair Mat to your home office, we invite you to explore our Prima Collection. Curated to fit the most desks with the best look, the Prima Collection includes our twelve most popular designs, and all are available for immediate shipment. Every one of our mats is precision engineered from Super-Strong Tufver Glass, and comes with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty. If you need assistance, our customer service team is here to provide Concierge-Style American Customer Service. Shop our website or call 1.800.711.8261 to speak with a Vitrazza Specialist.

Vitrazza Now Offers Inside Delivery and White Glove Service Options With Pilot Freight

Vitrazza is committed to serving our customers, and we’re happy to announce two new delivery service options. For oversize in-stock and custom mat orders, we’ve always offered less than truckload freight shipping (LTL). However, for some customers it can be a challenge to move a large Glass Office Chair Mat package into their home or office. Many customers have asked if there was a better option available, and now we’ve been fortunate enough to find a partner that can go the extra mile.  

Beginning in November 2017, Vitrazza started working with Pilot Freight Services to offer ‘Inside Delivery’ as an included service for oversize in-stock and custom mats as well as ‘Premier Delivery’ as an optional service on the same types of orders. Here’s what you should know about these options.

Inside Delivery 

With Inside Delivery, Pilot Freight will schedule an appointment; when the truck arrives, the driver will safely unload your new Glass Chair Mat box from the truck and carry it to inside the threshold of your home or office front door. This way, you won’t need to worry about leaving the box outdoors while you wait for some extra muscle to get it inside! This delivery service is now included with large in-stock or custom orders (over 75lbs).

Premier Delivery (aka White Glove Delivery & Installation)

For customers interested in a full-service approach to delivery, Vitrazza can quote White Glove Delivery. With this premium shipping service, a two-person Pilot delivery team will schedule an appointment, carry the box inside and to the room of choice, then unpack the mat and set it in place. When you opt for White Glove Delivery, it’s all taken care of—you can skip moving, unpacking, setup, and cleanup! If you’re interested in a quote for premier delivery service, call us anytime. 

Vitrazza is thrilled to introduce these ultra-convenient shipping services to our customers. We’ve worked extensively with the team at Pilot Freight Services to ensure that they’re trained and ready, so you can rest assured that your order will be handled with care. Pilot is an established freight company that’s been in business since 1970, so we’re confident that they’ll provide an excellent experience. As always, you can expect a detailed update when it’s time for your new Glass Office Chair Mat to ship. We include all of the information that you need to stay in the loop: freight tracking number, carrier contact information, package size/weight and estimated transit time.  

Vitrazza is an industry leader in the design and production of Glass Office Chair Mats. Our exceptional mats provide ergonomic comfort combined with cutting-edge style. If you’d like to explore our selection of in-stock options or design your own custom product, please visit us at 

Eliminate Pain & Fatigue With Better Office Ergonomics

Many of us spend several hours per day in a rolling office chair. And most of us experience some level of discomfort because of it. While you’ve probably read about ergonomic desk chairs that can help, you may be surprised to learn that many discomfort issues can be traced to a less than supportive chair mat. Plastic mats are thin and dent easily, leaving your chair stuck in the ruts. If you think about your time in an office chair it’s probably filled with a lot of the following:

• Straining your back to scoot your chair.

• Half standing to "shove" your chair backward.

• Grasping the armrests to "pull" your chair forward or sideways.

We all do this all day. And when repeated over and over, any of these actions will lower productivity and eventually cause pain. Combined, they can make for a miserable work experience. 

Another problem issue for seated workers is staying in an ergonomically proper posture. Experts advise keeping your spine firmly supported and arms neutral while working at a desk. But thin plastic chair mats make that posture challenging to hold when your chair sinks into a divot. Too often, lack of chair mobility leads to what ergonomic experts refer to as "perching" – where the user scoots up to sit just on the front edge of the seat pan. Without the proper support of the chair’s backrest and armrests, postural muscles fatigue and you end up slouching. 

Ultimately, the reason that office chairs have wheels is to enable them to move easily across the floor. And we know that rolling is significantly impeded when office chairs are stuck in the dents of cheap plastic chair mats. To improve your office and reduce ergonomic discomfort, you need a firm even surface to roll on. You could put down a sheet of plywood, but that’s not going to look very stylish! Instead, you can glide smoothly and effortlessly by installing a Glass Office Chair Mat by Vitrazza®. These are the latest high-end, ergonomic office trend and they’re available for both home office and businesses. Made of solid ¼” thick tempered glass and protected with a nano-tech coating, Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats are super-strong and beautiful. They’ll hold over 1,000lbs. and come with a Transferrable Lifetime Warranty. 

When you work on a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat you can sit back in your chair (no perching!) and move effortlessly by simply flexing your feet and ankles. You’ll never have to scoot or half-stand to move your chair again. 

With the right chair mat, you can eliminate discomfort, prevent fatigue and add a stylish furniture accessory to your office.

Vitrazza is the leader in Glass Office Chair Mats. Our products provide style, durability, and ergonomic comfort while protecting all types of floors from the wear and tear caused by rolling office chairs. Vitrazza stocks 12 popular Glass Office Chair Mat sizes, or we can create a custom design just for you. To learn more, please visit us at


WHAT'S IN A NAME: The Vitrazza Brand History

When George Pardo bought a small-but-innovative Glass Office Chair Mat business back in 2012, he didn’t set out to rename the product itself. His intention was not to own one great product in a field of many mats. He set out to define—and redefine—the entire category. 

Now, Vitrazza is the market leader, selling the world’s only Glass Office Chair Mat that is both heat-treated for superior strength and protected with Invisible Shield Pro15 nano-tech coating to resist fine scratches.

With a Glass Office Chair Mat by Vitrazza, gone are the days of cracked, dented, dingy vinyl. No longer must customers buy a new, cheap plastic office chair mat every year—or twice each year—once their old mat inevitably becomes an eyesore. Style and quality are important to Vitrazza customers, and Vitrazza’s entire line of premium Glass Office Chair Mats makes a beautiful, durable addition to any office space, giving every rolling chair a smooth, easy glide. 

It’s this stylish aesthetic and unyielding quality that inspired George to select the name Vitrazza from a host of options. His wife Lezlee actually developed the brand name, mashing up a couple of great root words to produce the word Vitrazza. The word “Vitrum” derives from Latin, meaning “glass.” And “razza” comes from the Italian word, which translates to “ray of light.” Combine the two, and the name Vitrazza emerges—this hard, lustrous, glass manifestation of a superior office product. This metaphorical “ray of light” for today’s consumer breathes life into what might otherwise be a mundane and run-of-the-mill office environment. 



The carefully curated Vitrazza brand name embodies both the company and the product. As the world leader in Glass Office Chair Mats, Vitrazza promises unmatched quality and a lifetime warranty. A Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat will hold over 1,000 pounds and will never dent. And it’s the only product in the category protected with Invisible Shield Pro15, which resists fine scratches.  

LuminosoGlass Office Chair Mats by Vitrazza are truly a ray of light for any office space—enlightening the consumer to what’s possible. With its high-end design, complete with furniture-quality polished edges and rounded corners, the Vitrazza brand epitomizes ergonomic beauty. And with Luminoso™, the Vitrazza brand’s Low Iron Ultra Clear option, customers can get an even more statement-making look with enhanced clarity and brighter edges.   

So what’s in a name? Everything. With Vitrazza, you can get the look you deserve. Vitrazza defines the collective Glass Office Chair Mat category—both in brand name and market share. 

Protect & Enhance Your Hardwood Flooring With A Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat

You've just installed new hardwood flooring, maybe distressed wide plank, reclaimed pine or refinished vintage. Every detail is perfect, all your furniture is in place, and everything is complete. Or is it? If you’ve installed that wood floor in a home office or business, you’ll probably want to consider an office chair mat. Now, you might ask why you need an office chair mat on hardwood flooring. After all, an office chair rolls just fine on the wood floor, right? But office chair wheels will damage wood floors. Over time, the hard plastic casters that are included on office chairs will scuff and scratch your beautiful hardwood floors. So protect your investment; but not with any ordinary plastic chair mat.

Protect Your Wood FlooringInstead, consider a Glass Office Chair Mat by Vitrazza. Made of super-strong glass and protected with a nano-tech coating, Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats are the premium alternative to worn-out plastic mats. Vinyl and polycarbonate desk office mats are opaque and won’t show your beautiful new floor. Worse, plastic mats end up dented and cracked, so soon enough you’ll need to replace it. And really, the plastic mat isn’t even protecting your brand new wood floor - it’s just flat grinding dust and debris into the wood. 



"Outstanding Service! Received my glass mat as scheduled. The mat is beautifully clear and allows the beauty of our hardwood flooring to show thru without distortion. The office chair rolls easily and smoothly. Great company and great product."

—George W.


"I’m really happy with my 60" x 60" glass mat with protective nano-tech coating. It looks beautiful on my newly restored antique herringbone wood floor in my home library office. The floor is perfectly protected and the glass is extremely strong."



Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats on the other hand, are bright, clear, and stylish - just the look you deserve. They're far superior if you want to show off that Brazilian cherry floor! And Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats are super-strong, so they never dent - that’s our promise. In fact, each mat gets a Transferable Lifetime Warranty; you’ll never need to buy another one. Most importantly, you never have to worry about a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat creeping all over and flat grinding dust into your floor. We prevent that trouble with our Stabil-a-dot™ Bumper System. Every Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat comes with a set of clear, rubber bumpers designed specifically for use on hardwood floors. Clear and inconspicuous, these 'Stabil-a-dots' stick to the bottom of the mat but not the floor, and they keep the mat firmly in place through simple friction. We even include a diagram for how to position these on your mat. Installing the Stabil-a-dots™ raises the Glass Chair Mat slightly off of the floor (less than 1.5mm) which eliminates that flat grind issue.  

Consider the beauty and durability of a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, it will protect your wood floors better than anything else you can buy. We stock 12 popular sizes, or we can create a custom design just for your workspace. And you have an option of either Chiaro™ Standard Clear glass or top-shelf style with our Luminoso™ Low Iron Ultra-Clear glass. With a brighter, more clear look, Luminoso will give your office a feeling of luxury. And it’s the best choice when your Glass Chair Mat will be going down on a light-colored wood floor like a red oak. 

Get The Look You Deserve, protect your fine wood flooring with a Glass Office Chair Mat by Vitrazza.  


A little bit of background on Vitrazza’s radio ads

In 2016 Vitrazza embarked on a national radio campaign that primarily ran commercials on Sirius XM radio. It really launched us from a local business to a successful national brand. In that time, using the power of what radio pros call ‘Theater of the Mind’, we’ve introduced millions of listeners to a concept they’d likely never heard of before - Glass Office Chair Mats. Over 40,000 of those radio listeners now use a Glass Chair Mat. Thank you if you’re already a customer! 

Along the way, we’ve worked with various scriptwriters and ad agencies, who’ve all contributed to our success. But somewhere along the line, our president, George Pardo, got the idea to record a few radio spots himself (maybe from an article in the Wall Street Journal he says). In-house, we jokingly refer to this genre of ads as “the George ads”. The audience has responded so enthusiastically that sometimes George really thinks he’s famous. 

After 3 years of crazy growth, George is still President of Vitrazza, and still recording radio commercials. In fact, yesterday he was at Coupe Studios in Boulder, CO – just 30 minutes from our national distribution center (in beautiful Golden, CO). Above is a short video of George saying ‘Hi’ from the recording studio. He was there to record new CTAs (that’s ‘call-to-action’ in advertising jargon) for one of our most recent Vitrazza radio commercials titled ‘The Look’. If you haven’t heard that Vitrazza radio ad, George begins by asking, “What does your office say about you?”. And for so many of our customers, the look they get with a new Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is the look they’re going for – beautiful and ultra-clear, not dented and dingy. 

If you’re trying to get ‘The Look’ in a home office or business, a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is probably that finishing touch you need. We stock 12 popular sizes, or we can create a custom design just for your workspace. And a Glass Office Chair Mat by Vitrazza is backed by our written Lifetime Warranty and 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Keep in mind, we ship throughout the US and Canada, and every shipment is insured. You can order online (use discount code ‘look’ to save 10%) Or call 1.800.711.8261 - you’ll talk to our super-helpful concierge-style customer service team, and who knows, on a busy day George Pardo might even answer the phone to take your order! 

Office Organizing the Marie Kondo Way

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 licenseIt’s the perfect time of year to get a little spring cleaning done. If you’d like to give the office a complete overhaul, you may enjoy the principles espoused by Marie Kondo. The Kondo Way has captured the attention of millions, and this lifestyle is especially well-suited for minimalists or those who prefer to keep clutter to a minimum. When you’d like to start with a clean slate and ensure that each object in the office serves a purpose, consider the Marie Kondo-style tips we share here:

Start with a Vision

It will be difficult to achieve a workspace that inspires happiness if you don’t have a goal in mind. If you embark on the decluttering journey without a clear vision of what you’d like, you may become frustrated or overwhelmed with the process. Before you begin looking up office inspiration photos, start by thinking about what your ideal work area feels like. If you’re looking for a Zen space that’s as clean as possible, you may choose to avoid excess decorations and mementos. For those who’d prefer a cozy, comforting office, it may be best to include a few family photos or meaningful knickknacks.

Sort Through Possessions by Category

Cleaning out your workspace can be daunting, especially if you attempt to multitask and jump between projects. You’ll be more likely to follow through with your organization efforts when you take Marie Kondo’s advice and tackle just one category at a time. For example, it may be beneficial to start by sorting through books and magazines in your office. Be sure to avoid cracking open a book for a trip down memory lane, as this may encourage you to hang on to items that no longer bring true joy. After you’ve sorted through books and magazines, work your way through paperwork and miscellaneous items until you’re satisfied with the contents of your workspace.

Get Creative with Storage

When organizing the workplace, you may not be able to remove every item that doesn’t spark joy. If you need to keep tabs on paperwork, feel free to get creative with storage solutions. Colorful or personalized file folders and eye-catching containers could be an excellent solution for keeping your office tidy in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing. You should feel happy and at ease in your workspace, and personalizing the area is a great step toward designing a peaceful environment.

Creating a workplace that fosters creativity and productivity starts with paring down to the essentials. If you’re currently using a plastic chair mat, make the switch to the premium alternative: Glass Office Chair Mats by Vitrazza. Beautiful Glass Chair Mats will perfectly complement any office and they’re more ergonomic and stylish than worn-out plastic mats. Vitrazza stocks 12 popular sizes and sells direct to home office and business customers throughout US and Canada. Learn more at

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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the Office

St. Patty's DayLooking for fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at work? This Irish cultural holiday is widely celebrated throughout the United States, and your team may enjoy the chance to get festive at the office. If you’d like to honor this special day with work-appropriate activities, take a look at the options we share here: 

Offer a Prize for Wearing Green

The color green is a well-known symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, and this tradition comes from Ireland’s nickname: The Emerald Isle. Wearing green is one of the most popular nods to the holiday, and it can be fun to hold a prize drawing for those who don this color. An Amazon gift card or similar reward is a great option for the lucky winner, and the prize drawing will add some excitement to the workday.

Play Irish Tunes

Playing some lively Irish tunes will invigorate the office and set the tone for an entertaining day. If your workplace has access to a Spotify account, browse the selection of playlists designed for St. Patrick’s Day. From traditional Irish folk music to iconic songs from the Irish band U2, you’ll find a host of Irish-themed music on streaming apps like Spotify or Amazon Music.

Host an Irish-Inspired Potluck

Hosting a potluck is a classic way to bring the office together, and St. Patrick’s Day offers a special opportunity to sample Irish-inspired dishes. Traditional fare like slow-cooked Irish stew and Irish coddled pork with cider are simple to prepare and transport, if employees are looking for inspiration on what to bring. Or, opt for the customary bangers and mash or corned beef sandwiches.

Go Out for Happy Hour as a Group

If your team would prefer to skip the pot luck, head out as a group for happy hour at a local pub or bar. St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent opportunity to have some fun outside the office, and sipping on green beer can be a stress-free method for relationship building.

Celebrating holidays in the office can boost team morale and encourage employees to become closer as friends and colleagues. In addition to having a little fun on special occasions, management can improve the workplace by investing in equipment to enhance employee comfort. If your office currently uses flimsy plastic chair mats, consider making the switch to superior Glass Office Chair Mats. Vitrazza produces beautiful, super-strong Glass Office Chair Mats with an emphasis on ergonomics and aesthetics. We offer 12 in-stock options to fit most workspaces, or we can work with you to create a customized product. We back each of our Glass Office Chair Mats with a limited “Forever” warranty, so you can feel confident that your Vitrazza product will go the distance. To browse our selection, please visit us online at

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Tips For Going Paperless in the Office

Going Paperless in the OfficeMany modern offices are making the transition toward an environmentally-friendly business model. Going paperless is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint, and you can start taking steps immediately to reduce or eliminate paper usage. Here, we share practical tips for transitioning to a paperless workplace. 

Digitize Your Files

Still printing and storing papers for your records? If so, it’s time to make the switch to digital filing. Digital storage is a streamlined way to store and access information, and saving space and paper are additional perks. However, it’s crucial to ensure that your company’s vital information is securely stored, so consider using a reputable cloud solution such as Dropbox. 

Reduce the Number of Printers 

Employees generally print more than necessary if there’s a printer in every office. To lower the amount of paper used in the office, consider reducing the number of printers in the workplace. When there’s only one printer in the building, employees will be more motivated to cut down on paper usage. 

Implement Paperless Meetings 

Meetings are a great way to get the team on the same page, but they’re notorious for being paper-wasters. Next time you’re in the planning process for a gathering, skip the paper and opt for technology, instead. TeamViewer is an excellent choice for sharing information during meetings: just ask employees to bring their laptops so you can screen share. When the meeting is over, employees can download a copy of the information for future reference. 

Switch to Paperless Statements and Bill Pay 

Running a busy office comes with a host of associated costs. If you’re tired of receiving traditional paper statements and bills, take a few minutes to switch to online versions. Most financial institutions and service providers offer paperless statements and bills, but you’ll need to opt in to receive them. This should be a simple process, and you can even implement this strategy in your personal life to cut down on paper clutter. 

Making the transition toward a more sustainable office is a rewarding process. To reduce both plastic and paper in the workplace, consider replacing flimsy plastic chair mats with superior glass mats. We’re proud to produce beautiful, super-strong Glass Office Chair Mats that last for decades. We back our products with a never-dent promise and forever warranty, so you can feel confident that your Vitrazza product will last for years to come. When you’re ready to explore our inventory, please visit us online at Custom options are also available, and we’d love to help you create the ideal mat.

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Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

Eco-friendly office suppliesMost offices go through a heavy amount of supplies each year, which can create a surprising amount of waste. If your 2019 goal is to transition to a more sustainable business model, you may be on the search for eco-friendly office supplies. Making the transition from traditional supplies to sustainably produced products has the potential to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the office. When you’re ready to make a change, consider the eco-friendly options we share here: 

Recycled Paper 

Printer paper is used daily by most offices, so we recommend making the switch to the recycled variety. Recycling technology has made leaps and bounds since its inception, so you many not be able to tell the difference between recycled and non-recycled paper. This simple change has a significant positive impact on the environment, as you’ll save water and land use with each ream. 

Biodegradable Trash Bags 

Regardless of your team size, your office may still go through several trash bags per week. Keeping the building clean is an important priority to preserve employee health, but it’s just as crucial to be mindful about plastic use. Biodegradable bags are becoming easier to find, and sites like make it easy to place large orders online. 

Glass Instead of Plastic 

Plastic is often pervasive throughout the office. Used in everything from pens to chair mats to drinking cups, this environmentally taxing material is difficult to avoid. It may be unrealistic to achieve a completely plastic-free office, but you can certainly take several steps to reduce the amount of plastic used on a daily basis. If the kitchen area is currently stocked with plasticware, invest in a small supply of stainless steel cutlery and glass dinnerware. This may even save money in the long run, as the price of re-stocking on plasticware quickly adds up. When employees need to use plastic, be sure to encourage recycling by setting up easily accessible recycling bins. 

Transitioning to a green workplace is an excellent way to make a positive impact on the planet. If you’re hoping to reduce the amount of plastic used in the office, consider recycling plastic office chair mats and upgrade to a superior glass version. Vitrazza produces super-strong Glass Office Chair Mats coated with Invisible Shield PRO 15, which enhances the characteristics of glass while preserving its natural beauty. We offer 12 in-stock options to suit most office shapes, and it’s easy to browse our selection online to find the perfect fit for your workplace. If you have any questions or would like to explore custom options, don’t hesitate to reach out to our concierge-style customer service team.

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