5 Funny Web Searches for Glass Chair Mats

Glass Chair MatsTo say that the Internet has transformed our lives is a vast understatement – we now literally have a world of knowledge at our fingertips. And this means we can find just about anything we want in a matter of seconds.

However, Google and other search engines only work when we know the terms to search for. When we don’t know what something’s called, googling isn’t all that effective. So, we’re forced to get creative.

Glass chair mats occasionally go by other names – carpet thingamajig and floor doodad (to name a few). In other words, they’re products that require search ingenuity. Some of the more unique ways to search for these products include:

Desk bling

Glass chair mats go with any type of desk, making them, indeed, desk bling. A quick search of this may return these mats eventually, but you’ll probably have to surf through a lot of other items first – picture frames, nameplates, and diamond-crested staplers.

Glass chair thingy

When in doubt, the word “thingy” is always a viable option; in fact, it’s a solid option. Google appears to understand that “thingy” translates into “I know what I’m talking about but I don’t know what it’s called.” Fun fact, when you search on this term, Vitrazza is ranked second in the results.

Carpet coverer

Glass chair mats do cover carpets, so this search makes perfect sense. If you use it, however, you won’t only find chair mats, but also rugs, runners, trade show flooring, and carpet installer apprenticeships offered by a couple of different organizations. Yes, that’s a thing.


If you want to go directly to the source, go to Vitrazza. But finding our company isn’t always easy – the name takes some getting used to. A few things you might end up googling, instead: Victorazza, Victoria, Victraffic, Ventricle, and Viva Las Vegas.

Office chair launching pad

Most people buy glass chair mats for the visual appeal, protection, and durability they offer. But some also like the way glass allows an office chair to glide so smoothly. Certain people like this so much that they’ve thought about using the mat as a launching pad. Office chairs might really fly if you try hard enough. A word of caution, however – wait until your boss is out of town before conducting this experiment.

Search results are an adventure when you know what you want but not exactly what it’s called. Sometimes you’ll find the correct product and sometimes you’ll find other products you didn’t know you needed. Have your credit card ready, just in case. ;)

Vitrazza is the leader in Glass Office Chair Mats. Our products provide style, durability, and ergonomic comfort. Vitrazza stocks 12 popular Glass Office Chair Mat sizes and we create custom designs based on your ideas. To learn more, no search engine is required! Please visit us at vitrazza.com.

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5 Things Every Boss Needs on Their Desk

A desk isn’t as comfy as a sofa or as inviting as a bed, but it’s a home away from home for the dedicated worker. Some people prefer to keep it as bare as possible, believing they can get more done if they have less clutter; others prefer to make the desk their own, adding individual touches and, yes, some business bling.

No matter your preference, there are some things every desk should have. These include:

A laptop

In this day and age, most jobs require a computer. But PCs are no longer ideal. As telecommuting from coffee shops and working from home become more prevalent, most people ditch their CPUs for something more portable. A laptop isn’t always as efficient as a desktop – it might not have as much memory – but it’s a whole lot easier to carry on the subway.

A landline phone

Sure, landline phones are so last century, but they still have a place in an office environment. For one thing, they don’t cut out the way cellphones do, allowing you to discuss important matters without scrambling for better reception. Landlines aren’t mobile, either. This means your clients won’t expect you to answer their calls when you’re in the middle of dinner or sound asleep.

A charging station

Even with a landline, odds are you have a cellphone for work emergencies or priorities and personal use. Your cellphone isn’t limited to calls, of course – if you have a smartphone, you probably use it to do everything from check the stock market to listen to your music. A desk is the perfect place for a charging station – charge your phone while you’re in the office and it won’t lose battery power when you’re out and about.

A cup of pens

Though technology dominates our lives, there are some things that will never go away. Pens are a constant. But don’t just have one pen on your desk; have an entire cup. Pens are like socks and lids to your Tupperware – the disappear with regularity.

A portrait of your family

You spend a lot of time focused on your career, but it’s not your life. A portrait of your family can help keep you grounded and remind you of why you work. A portrait can also remind you that it’s okay to take time for play.

Whether you prefer clean or cluttered, there are certain things that belong on a desk. The above is a handful of suggestions. You may opt to scratch them all and, instead, have a desk that simply holds several pots of coffee. 

Vitrazza is the leader in Glass Office Chair Mats. Our products provide style, durability, and ergonomic comfort that go perfectly with any desk, the tidy or the messy. Vitrazza stocks 12 popular Glass Office Chair Mat sizes and we create custom designs based on your ideas. To learn more, please visit us at vitrazza.com.

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What is “Polycarbonate” and Why is My Office Chair Mat Made From it?

Polycarbonate is a type of thermoplastic found in a variety of products. It’s so common that you probably come across it multiple times a day – cotton may be the fabric of our lives, but polycarbonate is the polymer. And the reason for this has to do with polycarbonate’s moldability.

Polycarbonates are strong and tough, but they’re easily transformed and pliable when introduced to heat. They’re also shatter-proof, clear, and light-weight. These properties make them a popular choice in engineering and other industries. According to Plasticsinfo.org, this polymer can be found in a myriad of everyday products, everything from the lenses of eyeglasses to bike helmets; from personal safety equipment to bullet-resistant windows found on armored cars.

Of course, polycarbonate is also found in office chair mats. But it’s not the ideal material for this application. Plainly put, it can’t surpass glass. And here are the reasons why:

Polycarbonate is not good for the environment

When compared to other types of plastics, polycarbonate is more environmentally friendly (it’s recyclable, for one thing). But it’s still not great, overall. According to Environmental Health News, chemicals added to plastics (including polycarbonate) may harm human health and the manufacturing of plastic depletes oil reserves. Plastic buried in landfills can leach chemicals into the groundwater, and when disposed of in the ocean, it disrupts marine habitats.

Plastics aren’t odorless

Plastic might be fantastic, but often it also emits a not-so-pleasant odor. Polycarbonate doesn’t emit an odor as strong as vinyl, but it can emit an order nonetheless. Glass, on the other hand, doesn’t smell and is extremely easy to clean.

Polycarbonate is longer lasting than vinyl, but…

Polycarbonate office chair mats are longer lasting than mats made from other types of plastic. However, this is only true when they’re used on hard surfaces (wood floors or low-pile carpet). Using them on high-pile carpet or other giving surfaces can cause cracking. Glass, on the other hand, is installed, providing a sturdier base. The reason it works on several types of carpet is because it settles into the ground and adapts to the flex.

Polycarbonate isn’t as visually appealing as glass

Many mats are clear, allowing whatever’s below them to show. But polycarbonate office mats aren’t as transparent as glass. Glass does a better job at blending in with the room, ultimately providing more aesthetic appeal.

Polycarbonate is all around us – it’s in lights and knives and medical devices. And it’s in the offices of many people hoping to protect their floors from scruffs and scrapes. Still, it’s not as high quality as glass; if you’re looking for a product that lasts, pass on plastic for something that offers your floors protection, roll after roll. 

Vitrazza is the leader in Glass Office Chair Mats. Our products provide style, durability, and ergonomic comfort that no plastic – polycarbonate or otherwise – can touch. Vitrazza stocks 12 popular Glass Office Chair Mat sizes and we create custom designs based on your ideas. To learn more, please visit us at vitrazza.com.

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5 Ways to Decrease Back Pain When Sitting in Your Office Chair

Back pain is extremely prevalent; according to the Mayo Clinic, 80% of people will experience it at some point in their lives. In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons people miss work and visit their doctor. It can either be preventable or inevitable.  

On the bright side, some types of back pain are avoidable. Per the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disorders, people who stay in shape, maintain a healthy weight, and abstain from smoking reduce their chance of problems. On the other hand, some pain is unavoidable: it’s a result of aging, heredity, and other diseases (such as arthritis).

People who sit all day long – in an office environment, for example – are also at risk. Sitting itself isn’t arduous, but it places repeated pressure on the bones, pressure that can evolve into discomfort.

Still, there are things you can do to keep pain at bay. Consider the following:

Set up your workstation properly

To keep your back in its best shape, your work station should be at the proper height. This is determined by your height – taller people need higher work stations. A work station that is too low can leave you leaning forward; something that’s highly causative of pain.

Choose a good ergonomic chair

According to Spine-health, there are certain features you should look for in an ergonomic chair. First of all, look for a seat that is easily adjustable. This allows you to sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor, a posture that helps the back. Secondly, make sure your seat is wide and deep enough. You should be able to sit with your back against the backrest, with a tilt that is adjustable.

Take frequent breaks

Most people don’t take breaks each hour, opting instead to take a longer break mid-morning and another mid-afternoon. But rationing your break-time is better for your back – it gives it a rest on a regular basis. Aim to take a break each hour: a quick five-minute walk can do wonders.

Move your mouse closer

Reaching for your mouse (or anything else) engages the back muscles and leaves them tired. Thus, the closer your mouse is, the less strain on your back. You don’t need to keep it in your lap (it won’t work if you do), but move it as close to your chair as realistically possible.

Adopt a healthier lifestyle

As mentioned above, back health is tied to overall health. So, if you want to fend off back pain, adopt a lifestyle of wellness. Swap out red meat for fish, reduce your soda intake, hit the salad bars instead of the local bars, and aim to get at least thirty minutes of exercise a day. And, while you’re sitting in your desk chair, try a few deep breathing exercises. They’re great for stress reduction.

Back pain doesn’t need be part of your job package. The above tips might not eliminate your discomfort altogether, but they’ll help. And they’ll stop it from getting worse in the process.

Vitrazza is the leader in Glass Office Chair Mats. Our products provide style, durability, and ergonomic comfort. They also match perfectly with ergonomic chairs. Vitrazza stocks 12 popular Glass Office Chair Mat sizes and we create custom designs based on your ideas. To learn more, please visit us at vitrazza.com.

Unique Office Furniture That’s Functional and Beautiful

Function and beauty aren’t something that often go together: case in point, the most comfortable shoes are usually the least appealing. But, when it comes to furniture, it’s possible to attain ease and elegance. In fact, a variety of furniture offers this duality: it is usability in a pretty package. Take into consideration the following:

Cherrywood office tables or shelves

Cherrywood is known for its lush color, with hues that range from reddish brown to blond. It’s a popular wood most often found in cabinets, tables, shelves, and carved chairs, providing a high-class, polished look while boasting functionality. It is so long lasting that it is a mainstay of antique furniture.

Leather couches

Many offices don’t have couches – management wants employees to work, not lounge. But a leather couch is a nice addition to any workspace that encourages break-time, brainstorming, or collaboration. They are also a nice addition for a reception area, welcoming visitors and clients with cushioned arms.   

Rustic file desk

Filing cabinets are necessities in any office – it’s difficult to stay organized without them. But they’re unsightly, large, metal eyesores that add nothing to the ambiance. A rustic file desk solves this problem. It acts like a filing cabinet, but with the visual appeal of pastoral wood.

High back chair

Many high back chairs offer ergonomic functionality with style: people feel good and look good when sitting in them. These chairs tend to have extended life spans, as well. In short, they’re what business owners like: a worthy investment. For high back chairs with wheels, Glass Office Chair Mats help protect the floor below, protecting other investments – like hardwood floors – in the process.

Standing and adjustable desks

According to Live Strong, standing at a desk instead of sitting at one burns 20-50 more calories an hour (based on your size). Ergo, this type of desk is conducive to your health. These minimal calories might not sound like much, but they do add up. The simple act of standing can help a person burn 200 extra calories a day, which translates to pounds lost month after month. These types of desks are very minimalistic, allowing them to keep a room clean and crisp.

Ergonomic furniture can be both beautiful and functional, rendering it well versed for any office atmosphere regardless of industry.

Vitrazza is the leader in Glass Office Chair Mats. Our products provide style, durability, and ergonomic comfort while protecting all types of floors from the wear and tear caused by rolling office chairs. Vitrazza stocks 12 popular Glass Office Chair Mat sizes and we create custom designs based on your creativity. To learn more, please visit us at vitrazza.com.

How Ergonomic Comfort Can Improve Office Productivity

Ergonomic ComfortIn the perfect office, employees maintain a certain level of efficiency until the proverbial closing bell. In most offices, however, they are lured away from proposals and reports by gossip, social media, and good old-fashioned staring out the window. The right chairs won’t eliminate all of this, but they will certainly help.

There are many reasons ergonomic comfort increases productivity. So, pull up your own ergonomic chair and consider the following:

Boringness begets laziness

A worker who blames a boring piece of furniture on their inability to finish their tasks won’t be deemed “employee of the month” any time soon. However, they do have a point; when you’re surrounded by uninspired furniture, it’s easy to grow uninspired, too. Ergonomic furniture livens things up, including an office staff.

Colors help the psyche

The right colors can influence the workplace’s atmosphere. According to Color Psychology, different colors elicit different responses. For example, red is associated with energy, orange is associated with enthusiasm, yellow with happiness, green with harmony, white with cleanliness, and black with power or elegance. Choose a color based on the association you want.

They help organization

Simply put, ergonomic furniture helps an office stay organized. It minimizes bulk and produces a well-adjusted look. It also helps perpetuate order, which influences how much work actually gets done. Just as boringness begets laziness, organization begets productivity.

They induce comfort

Ergonomic chairs, like all ergonomic furniture, are designed with comfort in mind. It might sound silly to desire comfortable employees – they’re at work for business, not leisure – but people who are comfortable are better primed to put forth their best effort.

They reduce pain

Per the Health Site, ergonomic chairs reduce the discomfort of a variety of conditions, including neck issues, as well as hip and back pain. They help improve posture, too, which prevents these conditions from manifesting in the first place. This results in a lower prevalence of medical conditions that warrant workers’ compensation claims.

Ergonomic furniture won’t take an employee with no work ethic and help them climb the corporate ladder, but it may usher in a more productive atmosphere. And that’s something most offices can use.

Vitrazza is the leader in Glass Office Chair Mats. Our products provide style, durability, and ergonomic comfort while protecting all types of floors from the wear and tear caused by rolling office chairs. Vitrazza stocks 12 popular Glass Office Chair Mat sizes or we can create a custom design just for you. To learn more, please visit us at vitrazza.com.

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How to Keep Your Wood Floors in Tip Top Shape

Wood FloorsMany people opt for wood flooring over carpet. It’s easier to clean, longer lasting, and offers a certain luxury that fabric doesn’t.  Still, wood floors aren’t self-sufficient – it takes effort on the homeowner’s part to keep each plank looking as fabulous as possible.

The effort is worth it. According to Popular Mechanics, proper maintenance allows a good hardwood surface to last for as long as the house stands. This makes for a solid investment that can offset the costs of the initial purchase. Per Home Advisor, the average cost of wood flooring (including installation) is $8,000 for a 1,000-square-foot area.

So, how do you get your money’s worth and keep your floors in the very best shape? Not using them isn’t an option, so try one of the following, instead:

Buy a humidifier

A humidifier pumps humidity into your home, which helps reduce wood shrinkage. If you live in a humid area, you may already have plenty of water vapor in circulation. But, if you live somewhere with a dry climate (like Colorado), consider purchasing a humidifier and using it during cold weather months.

Trim your pet’s nails

Pets spend a great deal of their lives walking up and down your hardwood floors. Some wear and tear as a result of this is inevitable. However, you can lower the incidence of scratches and stains by keeping your pet’s nails trimmed. You can go one step further by focusing on humans, as well. Request that guests take off their shoes when entering your home, especially if they’re wearing cleats or heels.

Use ice for substance removal

To remove certain substances from your floors – chewing gum, for instance – use ice to harden the substance before scraping it off. When doing the actual scraping, opt for something softer (a plastic putty knife instead of a metal one). You may also try using a credit card or your driver’s license.

Dust mop regularly

Any type of debris – from dirt to food, from pet hair to blades of grass – has the potential to scratch your floors. This means that frequent dust mopping is a necessity. Once a week may suffice, but high-traffic areas will likely require more attention. You can also use a vacuum, but, according to the Do it Yourself Network, avoid those with beater bar attachments; they’ll nick the floors.

Don’t use oil-based soaps

The oil from oil-based soap has a tendency to build up on hardwood floors; neutral PH cleaners are better alternatives. Some PH cleaners are designed specifically for hardwood – wash with these for optimal shine and longevity. 

Hardwood floors are a nice addition to any home, but they come with a cost. These tips will help you protect your planks, as well as your investment.

Vitrazza is the leader in Glass Office Chair Mats. Our products provide style, durability, and ergonomic comfort. They’re also an outstanding choice to protect hardwood floors in a home office or in the corner office, where rolling office chairs can do so much damage. Vitrazza stocks 12 popular Glass Office Chair Mat sizes, or we can create a custom design just for you. To learn more, please visit us at vitrazza.com.

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Pay With Amazon Now Available for Vitrazza Customers


Now ordering a Glass Chair Mat online is even easier! If you already have an account with Amazon, you can bypass entering your credit card information at vitrazza.com. Just choose 'Pay With Amazon' and your order will be processed by Amazon using your account information already stored securely with them!

For more insight, watch this 1 minute video from Amazon - Click Here.

New Popular Size Glass Office Chair Mat

This month Vitrazza added a new stock size to our collection! The GCMT 46x60-06 fills a need for a wide mat, with a tab, while giving customers a mat that goes further back (46") than our other closest size. See the diagram below!

Like all of our stock and custom sizes, this new size is available in either Chiaro-Standard Clear ($535) or Luminoso-Ultra Clear ($625). Shipping is included! Vitrazza ships this new size via Old Dominion Freight Lines, our valued partner for all oversize units. The mat itself weighs 64lbs and boxed will weigh approximately 75lbs. 

To see this new size in our web store Click Here.


Vitrazza Hires Doug Wilson, Sales / Business Development

Golden, CO, July 23rd, 2015 – Vitrazza is proud to announce the hiring of Doug Wilson in the role of Sales/Business Development. Doug will work with business and institutional customers in Colorado and nationally.

Doug and his wife Sally moved to Colorado from California in November of 2014. Doug has a great background in sales, including several years as a Sales Engineer at Noren Products out of Menlo Park, CA.

“Business customers have been a very important part of our growth and it was time to have a dedicated salesperson to support that segment” says George Pardo, President at Vitrazza. “ Doug is a true professional, and his enthusiasm is already a great support for our business. I’m grateful we have him to represent our brand”. 

Glass Chair Mats are much longer lasting than plastic office mats, so while they may cost more up front, the savings over many years is substantial. And because a Glass Chair Mat will never dent, it delivers ergonomic benefits by eliminating ‘perching’ and straining to ‘scoot’.

About Vitrazza

Vitrazza is the brand leader in the growing Glass Office Chair Mat niche. Business customers choose Glass Chair Mats to reduce lifecycle costs within office furniture expense and to provide ergonomic comfort for office workers.

Vitrazza produces the only Glass Chair Mat on the market that is both toughened (heat-treated) for strength and sealed to resist scratching – it’s their trademarked TUFVER Glass™. And they continue to pioneer customer choice, including their recent launch of the Luminoso™ Ultra Clear glass option. Each Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat includes furniture-quality polished edges, rounded corners and a 10-Year Warranty. Shipping is available nationwide.

For more information, visit www.vitrazza.com or call 800.711.8261