About Us

About Us

Learn about Vitrazza, the leader in Glass Chair Mats. Find out about our history, our founder George Pardo and how we revolutionized the chair mat industry.
Learn about Vitrazza, the leader in Glass Chair Mats. Find out about our history, our founder George Pardo and how we revolutionized the chair mat industry.

The Story of Vitrazza 

Circa 2005 in Boulder, CO, a town filled with tech industry whiz kids and high finance gurus, one pioneering glass industry veteran decided to strike out in a business venture that some locals called "crazy" - selling office chair mats made from tempered glass panels to replace cheap vinyl floor mats. But fast forward a few years, he and a partner had established a decent local business selling through a handful of dealers in the area. Customers raved over their custom designs, personal service and how beautiful their office looked with a new Glass Office Chair Mat. This was something new, a quality piece of office furniture brightening up their whole workspace.  

After a couple different ventures to sell these Glass Chair Mats, Robert Livingston and Bill Fitzgerald, were ready to retire. And they had a customer who had contacted them a couple of times about possibly buying their business. In late 2012, that deal came together and Glass Solutions Inc., transformed into Vitrazza. Since then, new President & CEO George Pardo has almost single-handedly developed this idea into a thriving new product category and he's brought to market every new advancement within it; Invisible Shield Pro 15 protective coating, furniture-quality polished edges with a Mini-bevel, Luminoso (tm) Low iron Ultra Clear glass, the Stabil-a-Dot Bumper System (tm), industry-leading packing for nationwide shipping and most recently, the very best possible complement to a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, Enso hubless office chair wheels. With a nationwide direct-to-consumer route to market, George has connected with tens of thousands of satisfied customers who hear his radio ads and see him on the company's TV ads.  

Now that idea doesn't look so crazy after all. Our national distribution center in Golden, CO is a beehive of activity everyday supporting a high-growth national eCommerce business with a commitment to quality and American Customer Service. Call anytime to speak to one of our dedicated associates - heck, you might even get George on the phone! 


Our mission at Vitrazza is to improve your satisfaction and well-being when using an office chair by 1) eliminating the irritation you feel rolling over dented plastic mats 2) adding a stylish, designer look to your workspace and 3) supplying the last chair mat you'll ever need to buy. 

We Make it easy 

Vitrazza has designed thousands of Glass Office Chair Mats for customers. Our most popular designs, 18 in all, are available for immediate shipment - we call this The Prima Collection™. Orders placed before 3pm MT ship the same day, Mon-Sat and will be delivered right to your door by our longtime partner, FedEx.  

If one of The Prima Collection sizes won't fit your desk, we have an in-house sales team that can create a custom design just for you. Check out our Vista Collection™, the most popular designs we sell. Contact the team for a quote at quotes@vitrazza.com 

Vitrazza delivers a premium product, and we have Concierge-Style, American Customer Service to back it up. You'll be greeted with enthusiasm at every touch point. We value our customers and enjoy serving them. If you’re considering a home office update, or buying desks and chairs for an office makeover, give us a call to learn more about how Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats is the stylish, durable and ergonomic alternative to vinyl or polycarbonate office chair mats. Call 1.800.711.8261 or send us a message!