About Us

Vitrazza is the Industry Leader
Vitrazza® is the leader in the growing Glass Office Chair Mat market. Our thirst for serving office workers with durable, long-lasting glass mats, led us to develop the only Glass Chair Mat on the market that is toughened (heat-treated) for superior strength and protected with a nano-tech sealer. It’s our trademarked Tufver Glass ™!

The Vitrazza ownership group includes the glass industry veterans who originally developed the Glass Chair Mat concept over 10 years ago in Boulder, CO. Now we serve the continental U.S. out of our distribution center in Golden, CO. President and managing partner, George Pardo, was a customer before he became an owner. That’s right, he liked his Glass Chair Mat so much he bought the company! George now oversees an expanding operation that sells to home office customers, corporate clients and office furniture dealers.

Our mission at Vitrazza is to reduce the lifetime cost of replacing worn-out plastic mats and to add a bright, designer style to our customers' offices. Learn more about The Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, to see our stock sizes CLICK HERE.  


Vitrazza delivers a great product AND we display enthusiasm for service at every touch point. We value our customers and enjoy serving them. If you’re considering a home office update, or planning office furniture for a corporate makeover, give us a call to learn more about how Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats can be an affordable, and ergonomic alternative to vinyl or polycarbonate office chair mats. Call 1-800-711-8261 or send us a note – CLICK HERE.