Why Glass Chair Mats are Better than Plastic!

Glass Chair Mats are getting much more popular now. Why? A basic plastic chair mat can protect your floor for a short time, but it will wear out and need to be replaced soon enough. A Glass Chair Mat on the other hand won’t dent or crack with normal use. And you won't have to push your chair wheels through the dents or ruts that quickly develop in plastic chair mats. 

Imagine smooth, easy rolling on a glass office chair mat - a firm, even surface. You’ll get that and clear style from Vitrazza! 

Glass Chair Mats

Glass Chair Mat - After

 Plastic Chair Mats

Plastic Chair Mat

Won't dent or crack with normal use Develop dents and ruts over time
¼" Tufver Glass™ is super strong and heat-treated
Plastic surface is bumpy and weak
Nano-tech Sealant helps resist scratching
Get scratched easily from normal use
Furniture-quality polished edges w/mini-bevel and 3" rounded corners
Chair wheels get caught on flimsy plastic edges
Smooth, firm & easy-to-roll surface
Have fun pushing your chair wheels through those dents!
Stylish upgrade to any office What style?
10-Year Warranty Require frequent replacement


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See What Our Customers Have to Say!

  • "Vinyl chair mats are not thick or solid enough to hold the weight of a chair or occupant without the wheels causing indentations in the mat. Also, not only are plastic chair mats flimsy, but they don’t last a very long time and need to be replaced often. This is totally unsatisfactory.

    I researched and found Vitrazza, a company that makes glass chair mats. They are made of super strong glass that supports up to 1000 lbs. and my chair rolls freely and unobstructed. It comes with a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee and a 10-year warranty. I purchased one that was a little larger than my measurement showed that I needed. The extra width comes in handy and I never roll off of the edge. I highly recommend these glass chair mats."

  • Bob Brandt
    • "Great Addition To Any Home Office - I wished I had made the decision earlier. It is the perfect high quality addition to my home office. Once purchased, I was well updated with the shipping status and ultimately delivered quickly. The packaging was exceptional and once set in place, worked like described. I am now smooth rolling on my new quite comfort caster wheels which are definitely as must have. Although made of super strong heat treated glass, I have no concerns whatsoever. Although the cost is a major deciding factor, it's a quality well made product and definitely worth every penny."

    • Paul Coggins


  • "Perfect addition to my home office. I love my new glass chair mat. I move smoothly around—no cracks in plastic to stop me! The customer service is exceptional. I would highly recommend."

  • Gretchen Guttman
    • "Unbelievable Product! This is the greatest invention for the office since the desk & chair! Looks great & works even better! This is the best office upgrade ever. Get one."

    • Bobby Vaughn


  • "I purchased two glass mats for my home office, and I could not be more pleased with them! They are great quality and exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend spending the money, you get what you pay for and these glass mats are worth every penny!"

  • Michelle Jones



Never Replace Your Boring Plastic Chair Mat Again.
Upgrade Today to the Style and Elegance of a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat!



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