Glass Mats Last Longer!

If you've been buying and replacing plastic chair mats for years now, maybe you haven't heard of glass office chair mats before. But we've been selling these for almost 10 yearsAnd in the last two years we've expanded our reach beyond our Colorado home, to serve customers throughout the continental US and Canada. And we care deeply about providing high-quality service, so we treat our customers like VIPs!

Glass Chair Mats are getting much more popular now. Why? A basic plastic chair mat can protect your floor for a short time, but it will wear out and need to be replaced soon enough. A Glass Chair Mat on the other hand won’t dent or crack with normal use. And you won't have to push your chair wheels through the dents or ruts that quickly develop in plastic chair mats. 

Imagine smooth, easy rolling on a glass office chair mat - a firm, even surface. You’ll get that and clear style from Vitrazza! 

Features & Benefits                                                                                       

¼" Tufver Glass™ Long-lasting Protection, Won't Wear Out
Super Strong Toughened Glass (heat-treated) Smooth, Firm & Easy to Roll Surface
Nano-tech Sealant helps resist scratching Stylish Upgrade to Any Office
Furniture-quality Polished Edges w/Mini-Bevel
3" Rounded Corners
10-Year Warranty in The Box!


Take a look at the before and after photos for this customer...


Glass Chair Mat vs Plastic Mat


Glass Chair Mat - After

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