Measuring Tips

Consider Your Desk

Do you have a Standing Desk, L-Shaped Desk, or a Traditional Desk with pedestal drawers? There is no need to settle for a "one size fits all" option. With the many styles of desks available today, your Glass Chair Mat should fit your desk. Tabbed Glass Chair Mats, for example, are an excellent option for Traditional Desks with pedestal drawers. The tab will sit between the drawers allowing you to roll under the desk while sitting.

Consider Your Orientation

Many customers choose to place their Rectangle Glass Chair Mats in Landscape orientation to their desk to allow maximum left-to-right movement. Standing Desk users, however, typically prefer to place their Rectangle Glass Chair Mats in a Portrait orientation so that it fits between the desk legs. The longer front-to-back rolling space allows them to push their chair back out of the way while standing.

Consider Your Movement

When determining which Glass Chair Mat is best for you, think about how you navigate from your sitting area to other items you frequently access in your office, such as a filing cabinet, printer, or credenza. We've found that customers are more satisfied when choosing a size that covers as much work area as reasonable.

Measure Your Space with Tape

The tried-and-true method to selecting the perfect size and shape is to test it out. We recommend using Painter's Tape to mark out where you'd like your Glass Chair Mat to cover. Once you tape out an area, spend a little time rolling around in that space. Are you frequently rolling over the tape? If so, you may want to increase your size.

Once you're satisfied, measure your taped outline and compare your dimensions to one of the The Prima Collection or The Moda Collection designs. If one of these will fit your workspace, you're ready to order!

See this process in action by watching our Easy Measuring Tip video below.

If after perusing our Prima Collection and Moda Collection, you prefer a more bespoke approach, we can create a totally custom Glass Chair Mat design - a Vista Collection design.

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