Measuring Tips

Measuring Tips

When you order a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, you want to make sure you're getting the right size. Learn how to find out what size chair mat you need for your space.
When you order a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, you want to make sure you're getting the right size. Learn how to find out what size chair mat you need for your space.


One of the most common questions we get here at Vitrazza® is, “How do I choose the right size Glass Chair Mat for my workspace?” While there is no magic formula and no two offices are exactly alike, there are a few tips to keep in mind.


1. With a Glass Chair Mat, your rolling office chair will glide easily. We’ve found customers are more satisfied when they choose a size that covers as much work area as is reasonable. ‘Bigger is Better’ with a Glass Chair Mat.


2. Because you’ll no longer be stuck in the dents of a plastic mat (or stuck in carpet with no mat), you’ll be able to move almost effortlessly from your sitting area to something else like a file cabinet, printer, credenza etc.  Choose a size that enables this easy transit.


3. Generally, customers use the long dimension left-to-right and the short dimension front-to-back. As an example, a 46” x 60” Glass Chair Mat would be oriented so that the 46” runs from the front edge of the desk to behind the desk chair, while the 60” runs from the left side of the desk to the right side of the desk. Of course, that’s just a guide, any customer can use their mat as they wish.


4. We don’t recommend setting a desk on top of the Glass Chair Mat, though it can certainly hold the weight. The challenge is that the desk will no longer sit level, and the mat may no longer lay flat (due to weight on one side only). Vitrazza recommends choosing or designing your Glass Chair Mat to fit between or notch around desk legs and drawer pedestals. 



5. Many customers will tape off an area on the floor with blue painter’s tape to best visualize the area they want a Glass Chair Mat to cover.


The Prima Collection™ consists of 18 Vitrazza Designs In-stock & Ready to Ship - FREE FedEx Ground Shipping.

Click here for more information on Shipping & Returns.

Vitrazza can also work with you to create a custom design; these have a 3-week turnaround. Vitrazza is happy to accommodate custom sizes up to 40 square feet. Generally, custom designs are 15-20% more than a similar in-stock model. Learn more about custom designed Vista Collection™.

There are 5 Prima Collection sizes, and some custom designs, that have a small extension that goes into the opening for legs/feet. We call that extension a ‘tab’. The purpose of a tab is to keep the office chair casters on the mat if and when you work really close to the desk. When fitting a tab, measure the opening at the floor level to account for trim or molding.

After you know the general size and whether or not you need a tab, compare your dimensions to The Prima Collection designs. If one of these will fit your workspace, you're ready to order! If you'd like to consider a custom size up to 40 square feet, check out our Vista Collection.

  • Only 20% of our customers find they need a tab; learn more HERE.

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