Measuring Tips

You can call to speak to a Vitrazza Specialist about how to measure for your new Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, but if you’d like to get started on your own here are step-by-step instructions. 

Step 1. Measure Your Workspace

Measure the square or rectangular floor space you would like your Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat to cover. Remember, with a Glass Chair Mat, your chair will glide more freely and we’ve found our customers to be more satisfied when they choose a size that covers as much work area as is reasonable. Bigger is Better with a Glass Chair Mat!

Step 2. Consider a 'Tab'
Determine if you’d like to have an under-desk ‘tab’ where it will bump out from the square or rectangle. The purpose of this tab is just to keep the chair casters on the mat if you work close to the desk - and only on desks where the drawers go to the floor and leave a 24"-30"opening for your legs. See Photo.

If your desk is open all the way across the bottom, then you definitely do not need a tab - even if you want the front of the mat under the desk a bit, you can slide the whole unit under there.

We've found that only 10-15% of our customers really need a tab. Even if you have a desk with drawers down to the floor on both sides, you may not need a tab if... 1) you're tall and work farther form the desk, 2) the desk has a pull-out keyboard tray or 3) the chair has bigger arms preventing you from working very close to the desk.

The best thing to do is sit in your office chair and move around your workspace, looking to see if one of the casters regularly goes under the front of the desk. If not, then you don't require a tab.

Step 3. Review Stock Sizes
After you know the general size and whether you want a tab, compare your dimensions to our stock sizes to see if one of these will fit your workspace. If so, you're ready to order!

If a stock size doesn’t work, no worries, send us an email with your measurements and we’ll assist in designing a custom sized Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat to your specs. Or call and speak to a Vitrazza Specialist! 800.711.8261.