Ergonomic Comfort

Why is a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat Ergonomic?

The reason your office chair has wheels is to let you move easily side-to-side and front-to- back. But plastic chair mats quickly develop dents and wheels get stuck. Pushing your way through and over these ruts leads to fatigue.

The Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat provides a firm, even surface that lets you roll your desk chair smoothly and easily, reducing fatigue.

Glass Chair Mat for Ergonomic Comfort No Dents 


Here’s What Ergonomic Experts Say…

“Do you strain and lean to “scoot” your chair forward on your old chair mat?  Do you grasp the armrests to “pull” your chair forward or sideways?  Do you half stand to “shove” your chair backwards?  Are there dents in your chair mat, that park your chair in one position causing you to strain to initiate motion? No more, glide smoothly and effortlessly with a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat.  Maintain a neutral, comfortable well supported posture in your chair while “floating on air” on your Glass Chair Mat. As an ergonomic consultant for 32 years, I have seen seated workers struggle to keep their spines supported and their arms neutral while working at computer workstations and desks.  Poorly supportive chair mats are often the problem, causing workers back, neck and arm pain. Make a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat part of your ergonomic intervention at your seated workstation. You and your employees will be glad you did.”

Susan Johnson Melat, OTR, CHT Ergonomic Resources, Inc. 

“In the course of performing over 400 ergonomic evaluations a year, I am continually advising desk workers that they must work with more “neutral” upper extremity postures. Accordingly, the most significant ergonomic benefit from the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is increased mobility in their chair that allows workers to stay properly seated as they work! By avoiding the all-too-common posture of “perching” on the front edge of the seat pan, the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat user can sit back and remain in close proximity to the backrest, which is paramount to proper posture, AND lets their muscles relax. I have long known that when a desk worker has more support from their chair, they experience less fatigue during the workday – and have far more energy when their workday is done. Ultimately, the reason that task chairs have wheels is to allow them to move easily across the floor. There is no compliment to that goal more appropriate than the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, and there is no other product available that satisfies that function so remarkably.”

Craig Chasen, CEES Ergonomics Specialist, Oracle America



Vitrazza stocks 12 popular sizes or we can create a custom design just for you. Shop online HERE or call 1-800-711-8261.