Glass Options

Chiaro Standard Clear Glass or Luminoso Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass

At Vitrazza we're pioneering design options for our customers. We think a Glass Chair Mat is an exceptional improvement over plastic chair mats, even when going with just our Standard Clear Glass which we call 'Chiaro' (Italian!). And now we're proud to offer an even more impressive look when customers choose 'Luminoso', our ultra clear low iron glass option. See the difference below

This first image is Chiaro - Standard Clear. Definitely clear, but with a slight tint.

Glass Chair Mat Sample - Standard Clear


This image is Luminoso-Ultra Clear. More clarity and brighter edges.

Glass Chair Mat Sample - Ultra Clear


Luminoso is 'Low Iron' glass. Manufacturers have found that reducing the iron and using varied raw materials formulas increases light transmission and reduces the greenish tint in clear glass that is most apparent when viewed from the edge. The result is ultra clear, almost sparkling clear glass!

If you're looking for a bright, bold look in a highly visible office, Luminoso will look fantastic. Or if you have dark flooring - wood or carpet - Luminoso can brighten up the work area!

Whether you choose the Chiaro or Luminoso option for your Glass Chair Mat, you're still getting our trademarked Tufver Glass, which is 'toughened' (heat-treated) for strength and protected with our nano-tech sealer to resist scratching. There is no difference in performance!

You can order stock sizes HERE, and you'll have the option to choose either Chiaro or Luminoso on each unit. If you're interested in custom sizes or shapes, we can quote those for either Chiaro, Luminoso or both. Send us an email HERE or call 303.993.6959.