Glass Chair Mats Vs. Vinyl and Bamboo

Glass Chair Mats Vs. Vinyl and Bamboo

When it comes to buying chair mats for your office, you have plenty of choices. The most common ones include glass, vinyl, and bamboo. But, while chair mats aren’t something you may give much consideration to before purchasing, a little proactivity can save you money in the long run.

Price shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when deciding on an office mat. You should look for a product that won’t wear down over time, looks elegant in your office and can work on any surface. So how do the most common types compare to each other? Below we compare the most common chair mat materials to determine which one is the best for your office. 


Vinyl Chair Mats

Vinyl mats are more affordable than glass or bamboo, but there’s a reason for that: they’re not as durable. In fact, people who purchase vinyl should expect to replace their mat every few years. Another drawback is that many vinyl mats contain studs on the bottom – this makes them suitable for carpet only. Using them on a hard surface will scratch the floors. Vinyl is more prone to cracking and blemishes than either bamboo or glass.

It’s common for vinyl floor mats to become discolored and cracked over time, especially if you’re sitting at your desk every day. There’s no easy way to clean vinyl mats or keep them from warping. 


Bamboo Chair Mats

Bamboo chair mats are more durable than vinyl but, they are only designed for certain types of flooring – they do best on very low pile carpet or hardwood. They provide a smoother roll than vinyl, often because they’re not as prone to dents. Compared to vinyl, bamboo chair mats are the better choice. A huge negative, however, is that bamboo is not a transparent material. For anyone wanting transparency – a “you can hardly even tell the office mat is there” look – bamboo isn’t an option.

Glass Chair Mats

Glass Office Chair Mats can be slightly more expensive than vinyl or bamboo (though not much more than bamboo). Yet, when examined from an investment perspective, the upfront cost is financially prudent. Glass chair mats are the best choice for offices because they are extraordinarily durable – they’re not designed to last for months or years; they’re designed to last for decades. They won’t crack, dent, or scratch. They also offer a smooth surface for effortless rolling, especially with our office chair wheels. And, when you take into consideration visual appeal, the style can’t be topped.


Additional Benefits of a Glass Chair Mat

Glass offers more flexibility than the other material options you have available. Vitrazza glass office chair mats can be customized to fit your exact office set up. You can download one of our measuring worksheet templates for custom sizing and we can create your chair mat for your specific needs. 

You can also use Vitrazza glass office chair mats on any surface. If your flooring changes throughout the lifetime of your chair mat, it’s not necessary to change it. You can use our chair mats on high pile carpet, hardwood floor, tile and any other surface you can have. Bamboo and Vinyl mats have ideal flooring situations they should be used for while our glass mats work everywhere. 


The Results are Clear 

Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats

Glass Chair Mat - After

Plastic/Vinyl/Bamboo Chair Mats

Plastic Chair Mat

Never dents        Dents easily
Solid ¼" thick
Thin plastic
Wears out quickly
Polished edges
Curled up edges
Firm, smooth
Too soft
Beautiful clear glass Dull, discolored
Last chair mat you'll need Frequently replaced
15+ Years of use! 1-4 Years of use.


Each type of mat does have certain elements in common: they’re all easy to clean, for instance. But if you’re looking for elegance, strength, and a mat that you can buy now and not worry about later, glass beats both vinyl and bamboo….it beats them laying down.

Vitrazza is the leader in Glass Office Chair Mats. Our products provide style, durability, ergonomic comfort, and sustainability that is innovative and practical. Vitrazza stocks 18 popular Glass Office Chair Mat sizes and we can create custom designs based on your needs. To learn more check out our online store.