Custom Designs

If one of our 12 stock sizes won't fit your desk, we can work with you to create a custom design. For some customers, this just means something bigger or smaller than what we offer in stock. If you'll send an email with dimensions or even a simple sketch to, we'll reply with a detailed quote.

For other customers, those with an L-shaped desk and return or peninsula, you'll probably want a truly custom shape.

Standard 'Tab' units, with the tab centered on a rectangular mat, aren't designed for a desk/return setup. If you're willing to forego a tab, then you can pick an in-stock square or rectangle mat. But if you often work close to your desk on one or both sides of an L-shaped desk you'll want a custom design with a tab. Take a look at our two popular custom designs below. Each can be tailored to fit your workspace! 


Or, do you have a desk in front and a credenza behind you? If you work at both sides, you may want to consider a tab on both sides, like the sample drawing below. 

Vitrazza can create a scaled drawing for you from any 'back of the napkin' sketch; just email us at or send a fax to 720-789-7535. Or CALL 1-(800)-711-8261 x7.