Custom Designs

If one of The Prima Collection sizes won't fit your desk, we'll work with you to create a custom design. For some, this just means a mat somewhat bigger or smaller than what we offer in stock. Customers with an L-shaped desk might prefer a custom shape to give them a tab on one or both sides of the L-desk. Note that our Prima Collection 'Tab' mats have a tab centered on the mat, so they aren't designed for fitting an L-shape desk where the desk opening is offset from the center.

If you're willing to forego a tab, then you can order one of our Prima Collection square or rectangle mats. But if you work close to your desk on one or both sides of an L-shaped desk, you'll want a custom design with a tab. Please refer to the diagrams below labeled "Double Tab" and "L-Shape". Each can be tailored to fit your workspace.

Or, if you have a desk in front and a credenza behind you, you may want to consider a tab on both sides, like the diagram below labeled "Front & Back Tab".

If you need help figuring out the dimensions for your desk configuration, we offer worksheets as a helpful tool to assist the measuring process. Click the link below each diagram to download a custom worksheet. Please note that filling these out isn't mandatory, you can also upload your own drawing with measurements, or call us for help.

Note that these are the three most requested custom shapes, but we're also able to create other configurations. We would love to hear your ideas for any size and shape you can imagine!

Are you ready for a quote? Just fill out the form below and attach any simple sketch you have; we'll follow up quickly.

You can also send an email to, send a fax to 720-789-7535 or CALL 1-(800)-711-8261 x2 to speak to a Vitrazza Specialist.