Stabil-a-dot™ Bumper System - Refresh Kit

If you've moved your Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, changed flooring or for any other reason need a new kit with our exclusive Stabil-a-dot Bumper System, we've got you covered. Designed to enable the use of a Glass Chair Mat on any kind of floor and to resist 'mat creep'. Quick and easy online ordering. Free Shipping. Everything you need in one kit - contents include:

  • Size Guide / Instructions.
  • Corner Placement Template.
  • One set (12) of 'hard surface' bumpers.
  • One set (12) of 'medium carpet' bumpers.
  • One set (12) of 'supersize' bumpers for high-pile carpet.

Choose the set that matches your floor and apply them to the bottom of the mat. Save the others - just in case!

Stabil-a-dot Bumper System

The Vitrazza Stabil-a-dot Bumper System helps your new Glass Chair Mat stay in place and resist creeping. Our Care Envelope includes 3 different sets; one labeled 'carpet', one labeled 'hard surface', and the other labeled 'Super Size" for plush and high-pile carpets. Choose the set that works for your floor and apply them to the bottom of the mat (we include a diagram).

Placement Diagram

Need help installing Stabil-a-dots? Download and print our Installation Template and Guide below.

Download Installation Template