Holiday Gift Guide for Office Workers – Brought to you by Vitrazza Employees!

Holiday Gift Guide for Office Workers – Brought to you by Vitrazza Employees!

It’s here! The only holiday gift giving guide you need this year. We’ve polled our team at Vitrazza to collect the best gift ideas for your 2022 holiday gift giving season.



For the Practical Recipient


University of Florida Collegiate Glass Chair Mat & X-Chair Leather Executive Chair

A brown leather ergonomic office chair on an etched Glass Office Chair Mat with a Gator logo

Founder and CEO George Pardo kicks off our list with two of his favorite office products.

The first one, pulled right from the Vitrazza catalogue, is the (customizable) University of Florida Collegiate Glass Chair Mat.

Pair it with the X-Chair Leather Executive Office Chair, which is not only a work of art, but an ergonomic wonder whose wheels glide effortlessly over the mat, and you've got an ideal working foundation.

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Collegiate Glass Chair Mat   brown leather ergonomic chair



Branch Ergonomic Chair

a black ergonomic chair on a round Glass Chair Mat on a textured cream rug in a dark green room

Gina, our viral TikTok creator, recommends this chair because “after years of working at a dining room chair and spending way too much time at the chiropractor as a result, I needed a supportive but affordable chair for my home office. The Branch Chair was simple to assemble and has all the features I am used to in an office chair.”

She even added some Hubless Office Chair Wheels for effortless rolling on her Timeless Round Glass Chair Mat.


Featured Products:

    Timeless Round Glass Chair Mat





Yeti Rambler 20 oz Tumbler

Next up, our Director of Sales’ pick. Pete lavished the following praise upon this “one-size-fits-all” gift: “I am the person in the office who forgets their coffee in some obscure location at least once a day. We got personalized Yeti tumblers last Christmas, and it has saved many a cup of coffee from going to waste thanks to its double-wall insulation.”


Featured Product:

A blue double wall insulated tumbler 





For the Techies


Logitech Mouse

Kevin, our Product Marketing Coordinator, had the following ergonomic endorsement for this mouse: “As something I use for eight hours a day, this mouse allows my hand to sit comfortably without having to worry about hand cramps.”


Featured Product:

 Ergonomic Computer Mouse





Custom Keyboard

Trust our web master on this one. Mike, who uses his customized 'Owlab Spring' keyboard to its fullest extent daily, recommends it for the following reasons: “It’s ergonomic, and the sound and feel is far superior to other keyboards. It’s totally customizable – you can adjust the key weight and feel (the actuation), change the key caps to fit your style, and can program keys to perform complicated functions.”


Featured Product:

A custom keyboard without keycaps



Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 UC

Another recommendation from superstar Gina: “I LOVE these headphones. They help me stay focused and avoid distractions from ringing phones, beeping forklifts, and chatty colleagues. Since I am always making content for social media, having my headphones also spares the sanity of my collogues so they don’t have to hear the repeating audio of whatever I am working on… And they integrate with Microsoft Teams for easy video calls!”


Featured Product:



Wacom Tablet

A digital drawing tablet on a computer desktop

This one is perfect for the creatives in your life. Jason, our Head of Creative, says “sometimes a mouse just won’t cut it when I need to do detailed drawing work in photoshop. This tablet helps me freehand when I need to.”


Featured Product:






Harmon/Kardon Sound Sticks

Glass speakers on a computer desktop

Three points from Jason on these sound sticks:

1) “They sound as good as they look.”

2) “These quite literally rock.”

3) “I couldn’t live without them.”

What more could you need?


Featured Product:






For Those Who Love Aesthetics


Vitrazza Wood Monitor Riser

Hannah, our Product Manager picked this new item as her go-to gift. If that’s not already a ringing endorsement, here’s what she has to say about it: “I love how lightweight this monitor riser is compared to others on the market and that they’re handmade! I also feel that monitor risers are a MUST to protect yourself from tech neck… and the way your face looks when you’re looking down on a zoom call.” A real MVP recommendation.


Featured Product:




Vitrazza Wood Headphone Stand

When the office received this headphone stand as a sample, Gina immediately commandeered it for her favorite set of headphones. She loved it so much that she convinced the team to add it to the catalogue permanently. It’s the perfect blend of utility, functionality, and aesthetic for anyone’s office.


Featured Product:






Nanoleaf Mini Hexagon Lights

LED light office computer desk setup

Kevin, our Product Marketing Coordinator, recommends these delightful lights because “they create a unique ambient lighting but even when they aren't turned on, they double as simple modern wall art.”


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For Those Who Have Everything


Lava Lamp

Gianni, the Digital Marketing Specialist (AKA the “Class Clown”) recommends this gift with the following praise: “I love my lava lamp because it gives a little extra life to my desk space. The movement is a welcome distraction from time to time. It illuminates my space in a comfortable light and has a sleek, retro aesthetic. Plus, crack open the top and try the lava juice sometime.” (JOKING! He’s the class clown, remember? Please don’t drink the lava juice).

Featured Product:





The Pilot & The Lamy Fountain Pens

Aaron, our Director of Marketing, and resident "Pen Guy.” In his words: “The Pilot is fantastic because its 14k gold nib delivers an incredibly smooth writing experience at a price point you typically don't see in fountain pens with gold nibs. It's lightweight and small when capped, but extends to a full size pen when the cap is posted. It's a very reliable pen.” “The Lamy 2000 is my current daily driver. It's incredible to write with, uses a unique piston mechanism to fill the ink (no cartridge or converter required), holds a ton of ink, and it's exceptionally easy to clean.” Speaking of ink – here’s his suggestion for the best refill option on the market. 

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“You are a Badass” Talking Button 

Yellow Talking Button with the word Badass on it

As the Human Resources & Office Manager, Ann finds joy in encouraging the team with a touch of humor. Anyone who is having a bad day visits Ann and her friendly reminder button.


Featured Product:







Succulent Push Pins

For those who love fun and playful aesthetics (and organization), Courtney, our Senior Accountant Plant Lady recommends these fun succulent push pins.


Featured Product:







Automatic Zen Garden

John, our Sales & Customer Service Associate, says if you work with the public, or any high-stress job, the best possible gift you could receive is the gift of peace. Check out this Automatic Zen Garden, and maybe send one to John so he can start his own little sanctuary.


Featured Product:





We Saved the Best for Last!


Vitrazza Glass Office Chair Mat

A Glass Office Chair Mat in an modern elegant office

We’ve got the perfect gift idea for rolling desk chair users who are tired of replacing dented, worn-out, and ugly plastic chair mats. 

Featured Product Shapes: 

Glass Office Chair Mats by Vitrazza are the premium alternative that provides long-lasting durability, beauty, and easy-glide ergonomic comfort. Unlike plastic mats, a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat will last a lifetime, look stunning, and never develop the dents and ruts that frustrate you when trying to roll your office chair.


Learn more about the benefits of a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat.