Details & Specifications

Details & Specifications

Are Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats made from real glass?

Yes, all Vitrazza® Glass Chair Mats are made from solid 1/4-inch thick Tufver Glass™, our proprietary combination of toughened (heat-treated) glass and Invisible Shield® Pro15 Nano-Tech Coating to help resist fine scratches. It's Super-Strong!


How thick is a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat?

Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats are made from solid 1/4-inch thick Tufver Glass.


What is the edge profile on a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat?

Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats include furniture-quality polished edges with a Mini-Bevel. These have a slight bevel so they are not sharp; the polish/bevel gives them a 'softened' edge that's easy to roll on/off. No need to worry about edge chips - the Mini-Bevel eliminates that issue!


What's in the box?

When you order from Vitrazza, you can have confidence that we're taking care of every detail. We want you to have a great experience receiving your new Glass Chair Mat. So we're not just shipping the mat, we're including our curated 'Care Envelope' too.

Vitrazza's Glass Office Chair Mat Care Envelope Contents

Here's what is included:

1. Inside you'll find our Transferable Lifetime Warranty, handling tips, cleaning tips, and more.

2. Vitrazza's Stabil-a-dot™ Bumper System helps your new Glass Chair Mat stay in place and resist creeping. Our Care Envelope includes 3 different sets; one labeled 'carpet', one labeled 'hard surface', and the other labeled 'Super Size" for plush and high-pile carpets. Choose the set that works for your floor and apply them to the bottom of the mat (we include a diagram).

 3. We give you a valuable Easy Lift Tool™ which customers use to slip under the mat when they want to lift or move it. We don't want you to use metal tools such as screwdrivers.

Learn more about unpacking and installing your new Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, watch this short video.


How Are Vitrazza Glass Office Chair Mats Made?