Measuring & Shape

Measuring & Shape

How do I choose a size for my Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat?

Visit our measuring tips page or call us at 1.800.722.8261 to speak with a Vitrazza® Specialist.

Does Vitrazza offer custom sizes and designs?

Yes! If one of 18 in-stock and ready to ship designs from our Prima Collection™ won't fit your desk, we'll work with you to create a custom design from our Vista Collection™. Vista Collection designs are tailored to fit any size office, and any style of desk and our Vitrazza Specialist will work with you to make the ordering process easy!

How big can you go with a Custom Vista Collection Design?

We try to keep all custom designs inside of a 60” x 90” frame. We can occasionally go beyond that, depending on the design – but oversized units will incur a significant surcharge for shipping and handling. Please contact us at 1.800.711.8261 to discuss your design.

How long does it take to get a Custom Vista Collection mat?

Custom mats are running about 3 weeks for production and packaging, and then 3-5 days transit time depending on the ship to address.

Can I put two mats together side by side to create one big mat?

If one user is going to move between two stations, we recommend one big mat –it will be less expensive, and performance will be much better. If there are two users at two distinct workstations, we recommend a mat for each and not trying to butt them up together. We do have a plastic H-channel connector to clip the mats together and protect the edges, but its more a solution you’d use after the fact rather than design from the beginning.