3 Benefits of Having Plants in Your Office

3 Benefits of Having Plants in Your Office

Personalizing your office space can help you de-stress and promote productivity. While photos and other mementos in the office provide happiness and comfort, your workspace may be missing one crucial element: a touch of nature. Studies have shown that sprucing up your office with plants and greenery can affect your mood and well-being. Here, we share a few of our favorite benefits that office plants offer.


Boost Your Energy Levels

a lady in a white blouse and black blazer watering a small zz plant at her desk

If you often struggle with fatigue throughout the workday, adding a few plants to your desk may help you alleviate this frustrating symptom. A Norwegian study found that fatigue was reduced by 30 percent when employees had access to live plants within their workspace. This result likely stems from the fact that foliage leads to improved air quality. If you’d prefer a natural approach to fighting fatigue, consider picking up a few plants instead of another energy drink.


Reduce Stress

a woman sitting at a small table with a plant working on a laptop

Working in a demanding environment can take a toll on your mental health. In addition to practicing relaxation techniques, creating a tranquil atmosphere can promote a peaceful work environment. Plants on or near your desk look lovely and may be reminiscent of the outdoors or your favorite spa. Just a few low-maintenance houseplants should be adequate for improving your mood and reducing stress levels.


Improve Your Workspace Aesthetic

A white office with a light brown laptop desk surrounded by plants. A red chair and black table lamp

To encourage a positive experience at work, take some time to evaluate the layout and design of your workspace. If it feels too impersonal or bland, brainstorm ideas to make the area more inviting. Being comfortable in your workspace is essential, and there are plenty of ways to customize the room to promote peace and well-being. Plain offices with white walls and fluorescent lights rarely inspire creativity and can even lead to excess fatigue and boredom. When you’re ready to make a change, browse your favorite design magazines or Pinterest for examples of your ideal office space. Nature is an excellent source of inspiration, and you may discover that you feel more creative when you stock your office with lush greenery or cheerful flowering plants.


Enhance Your Space

a low profile photo of a glass chair mat on a hardwood floor

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