4 Ways to Relieve Stress At Your Desk

Relieve Stress

If you often find yourself feeling stressed throughout the workday, practicing relaxation techniques will help. You're generally more productive, alert, and effective when at ease. To de-stress and boost your mood, consider the following tips that you can do right from your desk.


Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Work-related anxiety and stress can be difficult to fend off when you're still in the office, but it's possible to find peace with progressive muscle relaxation. If you're feeling tense, take a moment to close your eyes and focus on each muscle group. Starting with your toes, contract and relax your muscles. Notice the tension leaving your body as you work from your feet to your shoulders and neck. After feeling each set of muscles relax, you'll probably notice that you feel ready to conquer the challenges of the workday.


Stock Your Desk with Stress-Relieving Gadgets

Customizing your office is an easy way to find happiness. After adding personal touches like photos or décor, consider stocking a desk drawer with gadgets or toys that can take your mind off stressors. For example, stress balls or fidget spinners are classic choices for a quick, fun distraction. These items are discreet and won't take up much room in or on your desk.


Listen to Music

Not all workplaces allow employees to listen to music while on the clock, but many offices embrace a modern, laid-back environment. Music is highly effective at reducing stress levels, and even has the potential to calm your heart rate. Work hours are the perfect time to listen to your favorite symphonies if you enjoy classical music. This genre is especially helpful for calming the nerves and encouraging a tranquil atmosphere. Suppose you need something less "so last century" apps like Spotify have plenty of "stress-busting" playlists to choose from. Many find that listening to Binaural Beats, an illusion created by the brain when you listen to two tones with slightly different frequencies simultaneously can help them quickly calm down and focus.


Tidy Up Your Workspace

A desk covered in clutter may cause anxiety, and a messy office makes it difficult to stay organized. Next time you feel overwhelmed, pause for a few minutes to tidy your workspace. When the area is clean, and it's easy to locate important documents, you'll feel more relaxed and productive.

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