Tips for Running a Productive Virtual Meeting

Virtual MeetingIf your company employs remote workers or offers frequent work-from-home days, you may be on the search for virtual meeting solutions. Keeping the team connected can be a challenge when everyone’s in different locations, but virtual conferencing technology makes it possible to keep in touch and stay productive. If you’ve never facilitated a virtual meeting before, consider the tips we share here to ensure an effective online gathering. 

Utilize Video Conferencing 

Chat rooms are great for staying in constant communication, but when a meeting is needed, video conferencing will add value to the collaboration. Connecting via video chat humanizes the interaction, and there are several tools that you’ll find helpful. Slack is a must-have for team communication and organization, and it has recently launched video conferencing capabilities. For groups of 12 or less, Slack’s video chat is an excellent option. If you need to include more participants without compromising video and audio quality, Zoom offers crystal-clear, glitch-free video conferencing and webinar solutions. 

Send Out Agendas Ahead of Time

Both in-person and virtual meetings can turn into aimless conversation if attendees don’t have a schedule to follow. While you’ll want to avoid simply reading off a script, it’s often helpful to send out an agenda in advance. This doesn’t have to include a strict schedule—simply highlighting a few key points to discuss can make a difference in the fruitfulness and progression of the meeting. 

Open with Personal and Professional Check-Ins 

It’s possible to have a tight-knit team of remote employees, but it’s usually challenging to encourage interpersonal relationships when team members don’t see each other on a daily basis. Virtual meetings offer a valuable opportunity to connect as a group, so you may want to try opening the meeting with personal and professional check-ins. Offering each team member a few minutes to bring the group up to speed on the latest developments in their personal life and professional realm serves as a great ice-breaker, and may provide a jumping off point into the next topic on the agenda. 

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Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license